Some Covers & V26N24 - Maut Ke Munh Mei (Hindi)

Some Hindi Indrajal Covers: 6, 202, 203, 218, 219, 221 & 223

Except cover of IJC 6, rest covers & comic are Anurag's contributions. The cover of IJC 6 is provided by Ajay.
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Some Hindi Covers & 393 - Jawalamukhi (Hindi)

Indrajal Comics covers played major role in their popularity. Here are few: #146, #148, #159, #164, #171, #175, #190, #201 & #303.

An interesting Flash Gordon adventure

Power & politics is very unpredictable; sometimes helping old enemy is better choice than an unpredictable new ruler. Why and how Flash Gordon helps Ming ……..

These are Anurag's contribution, all credits & thanks go to him only.
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107 - The Giant Ape

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This comic is scanned by our team member Ajay Misra & was first shared through TSCT. Keeping same date for visitors who already downloaded - to avoid confusion. Keep visiting!
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