126 - Jangal Seva Kendra

मैंने अपने हिन्दी पाठकों को बहुत इंतजार कराया..माफ़ कीजियेगा॥

यह रहा मेरा पहला हिन्दी कॉमिक..सिफ आप लोगों के लिए॥

indrajal comics no.126(hindi)- 15th january, 1971

डाउनलोड करें

High resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?mzdnem0nihz


standard resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?fyzlzzng0yz

मुझे आशा है कि आप सभी को यह कॉमिक पसंद आयेगा ॥
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043 - The Mystery of the Diamond Queen

Apologizing to all the bloggers and visitors..m really very sorry..for posting late..

Actually I was having some problems with my computer and the net..

Since m back again..hope all the bloggers and visitors will be happy

So, in this post...there are two ijcs..one in Bengali and one in English..

To get Bengali IJC visit walkerindrajal.blogspot.com

now..the english one..

indrajal comics no.43-1st june, 1967


High resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?yg5mhnxydkj

This is another comic rescanned by me..just posting in high resolution as the earlier one was in low resolution.

I tried to give the best from this comic..

only the visitors can say i was successful or not..thanks..

will be posting very soon again..
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