157 (1972) The Black Gold Pirates

It's S74  -  The Black Gold Pirates (18 Aug 1968-29 Dec 1968)
Script- Lee Falk
Artist - Sr Barry    

The world is baffled by a number of oil robberies taking place on board giant super tankers in the middle of the ocean. What happens to all the oil? A puzzled Phantom sets out to investigate.

Meanwhile, and to the delight of her mother, Diana Palmer has accepted an invitation to spend the evening with the super-rich oil magnate Count Petro. Unknown to both the Phantom and Diana, their paths are soon to converge in the most unlikely way...

Download 2000px width file - (70.12 MB) (Rapidshare Link)

All credits go to Venkitachalam Subramanian who scanned & edited this C2C High Resolution Version. 
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FORUM Updates: NEW URL of Indrajal Forum & requirement of Re-registration

Hello all,
Due to some server/technical problems,on the 3rd Novermber we've to move our Forum to another new url: http://indrajalforum.46.forumer.com/
So from now onwards,please use this url only to visit the forum(between,old board has been disabled to avoid confusion). Due to this technical problem,there were some posts we couldn't move to the new forum and hence,unfortunately,got deleted...but most are successfully moved,only original post-date has been updated to the current date,for obvious reason. :-)

AND ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING IS Old members(i.e. already registered users) have to Re-register in the new Forum,as we are using a new web-address!! Sorry for this inconvenience,but hope you will understand & cooperate! :-)
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