234 - Phantom-Luka Ka Kapat Jaal (15th Jul.1975)

 Script: Lee Falk
 Artist: Seymour Barry
 Artist: Fred Fredericks Artist: Dan Barry
 Download NEW C2C scans(2000px width)- 59 Mb



pbc2007 said...

Thanks a lot! I'm unable to post & scan last days and you had filled a gap| Keep it up!

tph said...

Fine scans of a nice story. thanks a lot.
- tph

MiSD said...

Thanks brother

MiSD said...


echitrakatha said...

thanks for the post we love you ppl @ www.echitrakatha.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally talking about > "234 - Phantom-Luka Ka Kapat Jaal (15th Jul.1975)" < Loved it!
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