English Indrajal #151 to #160 - Best versions so far (till Oct 2017)

Re-posting English Indrajal #151 to #160:

Mostly of these were shared in this blog before, however recommending to check  by size. Upto 1mb file size difference might be same as previously shared versions.
150MandrakeMandrake And The Gold Man1972-1-15
151The PhantomThe Gladiator1972-2-1
152The PhantomJumba The Giant Elephant1972-2-15
153MandrakeThe Master of Disguise1972-3-1
154The PhantomThe Hijackers1972-3-15
155MandrakeThe Flying Saucers1972-4-1
156The PhantomThe Golden Ransom1972-4-15
157The PhantomThe Black Gold Pirates1972-5-1
158MandrakeThe Money Lenders1972-5-15
159The PhantomThe Secret Cave of Kings1972-6-1
160The PhantomThe Skull Cave1972-6-15

1st page and story page of each Indrajal, can help you recognising versions.

IJC Eng: 151 to 160

Venkitachalam Subramanian has provided 151 to 160: min 9 are his own scans.
MiSD has given his 
alt version of #158.
About #156 I'm not sure ... I'll check later.
Started adding data about persons who were involved in scanning and editing.
In short, from 151 to 200, min 42+ were scanned and edited by VS.

In files title except Venkit's own scans, if I'll sure about original uploaders, I'll add details in titles to avoid confusions.

Some persons requested to not give credits to them anyway although did all or the most part of job.
Appreciate your gesture, but can't hide.  I'm too old to change my habits. 

Truly thankful to all those who were involved in originally surfacing these versions online (obviously excluding myself 😂).
I had just checked file, re-uploaded and reposted only.

p.s.: If you feel that best scans of any number is missing here.
Please share link in comment section
or send by mail (if possible, with orginal uploader/scanning person names),
I'll add those "Good" scans as alternative link in the post - to respect efforts.

Our goal is same as before:
* Respecting efforts of all.
Absolutely free sharing this out of print series, Friendly and Fairly from one place for IJC fans.


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