315-Tarakimo Ka Krur Shashak (Vetal) (1978) and V22N29-Adrishya Apradhi (Mandrake) (1985)

Wished to share these long ago.
These 2 you can read thanks to an amazing person.
The contributor is the person who send me our missing 351, and  his V22N39 first. When I dropped him back Hindi Indrajal Missing list (so far not confirmed for scanning) -  next day received 315.
Most interesting part: Didn't opening own identity - said: 
नाम में क्या रखा है। वैसे भी मेरा हमनाम ब्लॉगर/ अपलोडर पहले से मौजूद है ; श्री ****** जी। आप अपने नाम से अपलोड कर दीजिए, मुझे कोई क्रेडिट नही चाहिये। श्री राज वर्धन वर्मा जी के देहांत का बहुत ही दुख हुआ। उनका ब्लॉग हिंदी IJC का अच्छा सोर्स था।

Later several person confirmed about availability.

Aren't such efforts priceless?

Such incidents, force me to start believing again in humanity and my dream happy selfless world of Comics.
Looking this selfless attitude, using email id and his name, I has given nick - R_aol. :)

Collect for For Offline Reading: 315 and V22N29

कॉमिक्स तो बहुत बड़ी बात है,  र्षों से हर पेज या  पैनल help को भी बता आया हूँ, मैं नहीं छिपा सकता। कई contributor हैं, जिन्होंने अपनी असली पहचान न बताने कहा, आज तक मेरे सिवाय और कोई नहीं जान नहीं पाया।अपनी पहचान के लिए निश्चिन्त रहें, हमारा हार्दिक धन्यवाद स्वीकार करें। Thanks R_aol!

p.s. Friends, 
Tell me one thing, do you read or download only?
Whenever can't post, lot of demand about posting.
When post, only few show their presence.
The most interesting, none had pointed about problem in Eng #37 - Zorro. Page 26 and page 28 were same. LOL

Collect fixed version from: Eng 31-40 Post (Oct 2017)

My goal was/is helping who wish to read this out of print series.
Thinking to give link(s) with password.
And password will be answer of question from previously posted Indrajal (since Oct 2017).
One who read, can quickly download.... other may start reading...
What do you say? 😀


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