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Welcome to Largest Friendly archive of Indrajal Comics by Biggest IJC team under one roof!

On 24 July 2009, 1st round of English Indrajal comics was over. However, there was need of replacement of many numbers scanned in very low resolution. So, instead of posting alone, many of original Indrajal bloggers had joined hands to achieve this bigger goal together at this blog. Many new had joined as blogger & contributors too.

All old posts are part of our long journey, many links were down, those were too many to fix. Hindi was not complete.
That's why, since Oct 2017 the best versions of  all old (or improved or new) scans we were re-sharing and were working on missing numbers of Hindi. 

Now, we can proudly say - all English & Hindi are available. We've some Marathi numbers also.

So, who came in late, for English & Hindi 
can check posts since Oct 2017 only,  and Marathi by numbers tag. You won't miss any number in best available quality.

Many English and Hindi numbers had more than one versions. Can surf those posts to know about history of older versions and original uploaders, but the most of old links are down.

Our goal is purely noncommercial,  just making immortal this lost series and sharing joys with fans absolutely free. 

Here are our all members:

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Until today, this blog has been helped by scans by followings 34 contributors:

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Have a nice time! Long Live Indrajal Comics!

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