067 The Sea God

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 Read the complete article at Indrajal Comics Club where it was 1st posted. The date & time is same as original post. Sharing here with kind permission of  ICC. 
Enjoy! -PBC
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Mandrake:The Headless Figure(Vol.24 No.30)[Part-II]

UPDATE: Download links (of both parts) have been provided in the respective posts.
So,till now 'The Wonder Jewel' & 'The Criminal Team' are ahead in the race (read fan's voting)!!Well,keep voting for Flash also,as that tale (The Robot Family) is a fascinating one,for sure!! :-)
Now,after the fabulous 're-arranged' Mandrake's Triple Wedding strips by CC.......here's the concluding part of on-going Mandrake-Indrajal!!


Between,few weeks ago,I had published a post regarding whether 'that' wicked midget-couple(in this on-going thrillers) were ever made a re-entry in Mandrake's strip(in post-Indrajal era),after got a narrow escaped from the state-police..... 'cos definitely Falk was intend to do so.It's his 'unique' style to left an option for a re-entry for many a wicked/deadly criminals & in this way we have experience many a thrillers .Cobra ,Clay Camel,league of '8' are among the most famous ones! Even this midget-couple also extremely fascinating! ;-) what's say Man-Fans???

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#Vol.23 No.19: The Dragour From Vega-3

  It's originally posted at Mandrake The Magician

Here is a Indrajal comic having the Sunday story S152 - Dr Ffark's Cosmic Circus started 5 Feb 1984 and ended 3 Jun 1984 for 18 weeks long.
This comic has been scanned, cleaned and made available to this blog by PEDER the creator of Xanadu site for Mandrake!!! Thanks a lot, Peder for the contribution.
Loved the scans and the story. Peder has scanned the book cover to cover and I am pretty sure Col.Worubu would like all the ads and side stories.

Download Comic Here
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197 To Each His Own

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Read complete article at Indrajal Comics Club where it was 1st posted. The date & time is same as original post.
Sharing here with kind permission of  ICC. Enjoy!
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196 (1973) The Village of Ghosts

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It's originally scanned by our team member Ajay Misra & was first shared through TSCT. Keeping same date for visitors who already downloaded - to avoid confusion. Keep visiting!
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Mandrake:The Headless Figure(Vol.24 No.29)[Part-I]

UPDATE: A few 'special' Indrajals are under consideration to post in this Blog!For this purpose,a Poll has been added .So friends,please select your most favorite ones through casting your votes!! :-)

When I'd started my blog in last year,I was decide to concentrate on the 'other side' of Indrajal Comics & it's heroes, i.e. discussions on various aspects/stories/characters instead of posting ONLY scans of comics...as these (ijc-scans) are very much available in other blogs in a regular pace !! Thus I want to do something different in this blog-space.

But,I guess,after crossing 50th Post with many a such discussive ones on Phantom/Mandrake/Bahadur & even Dara(with other comic-characters too!) , a change will serve better & thus here I am presenting the 'first' Indrajal Comics in my blog & starting with a Mandrake's thrilling adventure :The Headless Figure (Vol.24 No.29/30)!!
Initially,I'd uploaded this one for the 50th Post itself,but then went for Kula-Ku strip.Between, I'd posted a brief-review of this story in my one post. This story based on a 1986 Daily:The Case of the Headless Man(D193)
I'd first collect it's English version (physical) long ago,then recently the Bengali ones too!! Thanks A/V for scanning & sharing this one!!
This time I represent the Part-I.
E-N-J-O-Y the Magical world of Mandrake!!!!!! :-))

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