2 Hindi #: 199 & 269 and 1 English #V20N05 IJC

It's an Anurag's contribution.

269 - 1977 - Phantom - Daitya Se Samna

It's an Ajay's contribution.

It's an Anonymous contribution.

Password for all:
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2 Hindi #245, 295; 1 English #239 IJC & Some Covers

May This Diwali be as bright as ever.

May this Diwali bring joy, health and wealth to you.
May the festival of lights brighten up you and your near and dear ones lives.
May this Diwali bring in you the most brightest and choicest happiness and love you have ever Wished for.
May this Diwali bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity.
May lights triumph over darkness.
May peace transcend the earth.
May the spirit of light illuminate the world.
May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony.
How I fallen in love with Indrajal Comics, I still remember as it happened only yesterday.
Mrutunjay (1978) was the first Indrajal Comics or Comic ever read. I was around 9 year old, we were waiting for train at Chhapra Railway station where I saw it at book stall. Ran back to elder cousin brother who is 3 years older than me, asked to add 40 paise (0.4 rupee), but he gave me rupee. We both enjoyed it whole journey, reading it again & again.
Phantom & Indrajal attracted me, although that days Indrajal was printed twice a month (I don’t understand initially), everyday goes to book stall. Meanwhile my father was transferred to Gumla*. Even knowing about the day of release of next issue, my feet automatically start moving towards book stall 2-3 days earlier. I always afraid to miss an issue or read it late (suffering from this sickness till now). One of my friend told about me to his elder brother, who was an advocate & had great collection of Indrajal Comics. Thanks to him in very short period, luckly read almost all early issues.
*Gumla district was formed on 18th May 1983 by carving out of certain areas of Ranchi district -that time Bihar state, now it is one of the twenty-two districts of Jharkhand state, India. Gumla is considered to be the birth place of Hindu God Hanuman and a temple few kilometers away from the city off the Gumla - Ghaghra road is dedicated to him and his mother. The district contains mountains named Risyamook mountains mentioned in the Ramayana.
This number is already avaliable online, but I can't stop myself to represent a new & better version today.
Password: bookscomics.blogspot.com
Indrajal Comics contributors of this post:
* English - Anonymous
* Hindi - Ajay Misra
Some more coming Indrajals:

*Anonymous (first 4 - only English)
*Anurag (5 to 16 - Hindi & English)

May be there is crisis in world, but not for Indrajal fans. It was a year a flood, dryness, uncertain mood changes in world of Indrajal, but for fans it was most successful year. Many many thanks to all contributors, bloggers & visitors; without their love & efforts it was not possible. Hoping our e-treasure of Indrajal will continue to increase with geometric progression.
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162 - Jwalamukhi ki Rani (Hindi) & The Diamond Mountain (English) and Some Covers

Friends, Here is first Ajay's exclusive scan (Hindi) for this blog. More such special Indrajal are coming soon.
Cooperation of Anurag is also remarkable, as I informed him about Hindi scans to avoid duplication, he send this English version in very short time.
Very thankful to both for providing early Indrajal comics in Hindi & English at a time. This time certainly all friends will enjoy.

162-1972-Phantom-Jwalamukhi ki Rani

162-1972-Phantom-The Diamond Mountain
Password: bookscomics.blogspot.com
Some more next coming: Hindi by Ajay & English by Anonymous

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10 English .Indrajal Comics #: 364, 384, 434, V20N04, V20N22, V20N31, V21N17, V24N50, V26N21, V26N22 and Some Hindi Covers

Friends, as these are already scanned, posting at once. Initially planned to post all till month end.

These are scanned & contributed by an anonymous selfless Indrajal Fan. The front covers of Indrajal Comics # 434, V20N22 &V20N31 were missing, Ajay provided.

364-1980-Bahadur-The Web of Hatred

384-1981-Flash-The Flames of Vengeance Hindi version is already available in this blog.

V20N31-1983-Lt.Drake-Trials of a Princess

V21N17-1984-Lt.Drake-The Conspiring Ogre

V24N50-1987-Mandrake-The Stalking Executioner It's reprint of #216 (1974) - Test of a Magician, which is already available.

Following are partially available online. Contributor scanned the missing second story and added it to what was already there.

V26N21-1989-Mandrake-The Dreaded Island Part I (full)

V26N22-1989-Mandrake-The Dreaded Island Part II (full)

Next Post: 162-1972-Phantom-Jwalamukhi ki Rani/The Diamond Mountain

Good new: AJAY MISRA in mood to contribute all missing Indrajal Comics under #300 as soon as possible, at least in any one language (Hindi or English) through this blog. I will try to post quickly.

So friends, Rainy season of Indrajal continues, till month end all these followings Indrajal are coming, may be not in order only. Are you happy?

184-1973-Phantom-Jinda Murde

245-1976-Phantom-Ashaay Gajraj
269-1977-Phantom-Daitya Se Samna
295-1978-Phantom-Mrutunjay (NEW SCAN)
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105 - Mritu Ke Nagare & 271 - Anmol Hira

105-1970-Phantom-Mritu Ke Nagare (15.37 MB)
271-1977-Phantom-Anmol Hira (5.45 MB)

Old link  was down, collect form repost: Here

105 - Anurag Dixit
271 - A. Misra
Thanks to both contributors for rare Indrajal comics.
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