089 - The Gray Gang

 This comic was first appeared as D040 - The Gray Gang (4 Dec 1950- 24 Mar 1951)

Artist: Wilson McCoy

089-1969-Phantom- The Gray Gang-C2C New Scans

Image and video hosting by TinyPic   Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One more contribution by Ajay Mishra. Hoping you'll like this comics.

Wilson McCoy (1902 - 1961, USA)

Wilson McCoy studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, The American Academy, and the St. Louis School of Fine Arts, where he later served on the faculty. Working as a commercial artist, he made paintings for Liberty Magazine covers, calendars, prints, pin-ups and advertisements for major companies. When his friend Ray Moore served in the military during WWII, McCoy took over the responsibilities of illustrating the syndicated newspaper strip, 'The Phantom'. His wife, Dorothy, did the lettering. McCoy continued drawing the strip until his death in 1961, after which it was continued by Bill Lignante for a short while, and then Sy Barry. Wilson McCoy's popular work on 'The Phantom' has been featured in comics and continues to be reprinted today.

(source of information: lambiek.net) More info read at en.wikipedia.org
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013 - The Phantom And Samaris

Today enjoy another  Indrajal Comics - cover to cover new scans.

 The Artist of this story is Bill Lignante.  It was first appered as Sunday Strips #059 (5 Nov 1961- 13 May 1962): Queen Samaris XII.

013-1965-Phantom-The Phantom And Samaris

Image and video hosting by TinyPic    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bill Lignante (b. 20/3/1925, USA)

Bill Lignante is a longtime artist of 'Phantom' comic books. After a three-year-stint in the US Navy, he enrolled at the Pratt Institute in New York. Upon graduation, he began his career as a cartoonist, starting with 'Ozark Ike' and later 'Let's Explore Your Mind'. Lignante's first involvement with Lee Falk's 'The Phantom' was finishing a daily strip after Wilson McCoy's death in 1961. He then did the Sunday comic for a while, before becoming the main artist of the Gold Key and King comic books featuring the character. Lignante had also worked on animated cartoons for Hanna-Barbera. In 1968, he settled in California and began a career as a courtroom artist for ABC Network News.

(Source of information: lambiek.net)

It's scanned by Ajay Misra.

Hoping you'd be happier to add one more C2C Indrajal in your collection.
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299 - Vetal Ki Svapanpuri

 One promised Hindi Indrajal Comics - (C2C version)

299 -1978 - Vetal Ki Svapanpuri 

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It's scanned by  Ajay Misra.

Hoping you'll like this comics!

Tried to keep colours alive,  and clean all portion- not only balloons. What you think about such type of pages?
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011 - The Phantom's Treasure

Today observed:
 1. The Mail Readers has increase  from 14 to 49 since last post.
2. The blog has crossed  10000 visits mark.
3.  32950+ pages were viewed.

 Thanks friends! such feedback encourages us.
   Today we brought for you another new and C2C version - Indrajal Comics # 011 (1964) The Phantom's Treasure.

Hoping you'll like this comics.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic      Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's contributed by Ajay Misra.

Good news for Hindi readers: Some Indrajal Comics, which are not avilable in Hindi online, are coming very soon.

Cleaning a comic takes lot of time. I'll try to post more Indrajal Comics in next 2 weeks. keep visiting!
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010 - The Phantom's Ring

This version contains more pages than earlier available. However, still some advertisement and supplementary pages are missing. Hoping, you'll like it.

010 - 1964 - Phantom - The Phantom's Ring (More pages)

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It's scanned by Ajay Misra.

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067 - THE Phantom & the SEA GOD

1st of all..m very very sorry for late posting..was very much busy..

all the visitors can see that i've just one post in november..

so..m going to post atleast 6 comics in december as a recovery..if possible, i'll b posting more comics..

m giving another eng ijc rescanned by me:

indrajal comics no.67- 1st june, 1968


High resolution: http://www.mediafire.com/?nn2ttyu5ond

posting only in high resolution..the comic has all the pages..

hope all the visitors will like it..
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007 - The Man Eating Plant

Absolutely new scans - all pages version.


It's scanned by Ajay Misra.
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003 - The Challenge of Cannibals

Update 10.12.2009: The legendary Govind Brahmania (02.03.1938 ~ 09.12.2009) is no more with us.

It's an unrecoverable loss for all Indrajal fans.

His famous works: IJC logo, several Indrajal covers (starting from #1), illustration of Bahadur.

It's opinion of major part of IJC fans that the his COVERS made IJC so popular.

Photo courtesy:Alok


Hello friends! Munna Bhai is back. :)

I was expecting to get more new scans in last 4 months as simple visitor. Seems, all are busy, only I'm free. Just kidding. :)))

Going to import here, all my IJC posts from books and comics blog (and links shall be removed) - for your convenience. Mostly IJC posted by me were cover to cover. Number of IJC is added in every post as tag, it'll be helpful in search.

Before this post, this blog had
113 -English IJC,
4 - in English & Hindi both; and
4 in Hindi only.
There are approx 300+ IJC posted at BC blog . So almost half work will be done.

For me and many my friends, only first round is over. All blogs which provided at least one new IJC are very few, who are not aware about such blogs, can check my blogroll - and download available versions.

Till today, my plan is regularly posting better & new scans only.

Wish to know your opinion:

1. Is their need to add standard resolution link in future? HQ links of future posts are 40-60 MB.

2. Have a look at colour of followings. Which type of pages you'd like to get in future?

All of us read this Indrajal, time to enjoy cover to cover absolutely new version.

003-1964-Phantom- The Challenge of Cannibals- COMPLETE-HR

003-1964-Phantom- The Challenge of Cannibals- COMPLETE-SR

This comic is cleaned like first option.

There are several such issues are coming soon. Have nice reading!

This Indrajal is contributed by Ajay. All credits go to him.

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HAPPY KALI PUJA & DIWALI with English #45 The Deadly Web

Happy kali puja and diwali to all..

Here's something that will make diwali very special for all...

indrajal comics no.45- 1st july, 1967


High resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?tdkwzjvw3oj

This is another comics rescanned by me..posting only in high resolution..

hope all the visitors will like it..
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126 - Jangal Seva Kendra

मैंने अपने हिन्दी पाठकों को बहुत इंतजार कराया..माफ़ कीजियेगा॥

यह रहा मेरा पहला हिन्दी कॉमिक..सिफ आप लोगों के लिए॥

indrajal comics no.126(hindi)- 15th january, 1971

डाउनलोड करें

High resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?mzdnem0nihz


standard resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?fyzlzzng0yz

मुझे आशा है कि आप सभी को यह कॉमिक पसंद आयेगा ॥
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043 - The Mystery of the Diamond Queen

Apologizing to all the bloggers and visitors..m really very sorry..for posting late..

Actually I was having some problems with my computer and the net..

Since m back again..hope all the bloggers and visitors will be happy

So, in this post...there are two ijcs..one in Bengali and one in English..

To get Bengali IJC visit walkerindrajal.blogspot.com

now..the english one..

indrajal comics no.43-1st june, 1967


High resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?yg5mhnxydkj

This is another comic rescanned by me..just posting in high resolution as the earlier one was in low resolution.

I tried to give the best from this comic..

only the visitors can say i was successful or not..thanks..

will be posting very soon again..
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267 - Lal Haveli Ka Rahasya

Today 15th August 2009, India is celebrating 63rd Independence day.

First Bahadur Comics (1 December, 1976): #267 - Lal Haveli Ka Rahasya (with autograph & photos) for more details check 250th post of B&C blog. It's a new scans.

Standard resolution

Higher resolution

All thanks & credits go to Anurag Bhai & Alok Bhai.
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Some Bengali Phantom/Mandrake Covers & vintage Strips...

These are from my old scans which I did few months back!! Besides some vintage Bengali Phantom/Mandrake Indrajal covers,I'm attaching a couple of pages of Bengali Phantom Sundays from a old magazine.....watch out for the fabulous coloring(despite the books are more than 20 years old & I haven't done any editing!!)
Actually,I have planned to scan more such stuffs but my scanner not working since long...hopefully things will be fixed soon!! :-)
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032 - Oogooru The Diety Of Murder

This is one of the comics that was posted early..

but there were some problems..

as i said before, i will not post a comic without a cover..

m talking about this...

indrajal comics no. 32- october, 1966 (NEW SCANS)


High resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?gjjtznxj0xo


Standard resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?yg0jtw51uzw

I've rescanned this comic..as the early version was missing some pages..

hope the visitors will be happy..

P.S. It's my 1st English Indrajal post, however 2nd English Indrajal scan. The first one was posted by PBC HERE.. For my 1st Bengali IJC posts ans scans visit my blog THE RETURN OF INDRAJAL COMICS!!!
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Now all 803 English Indrajal Comics are online. Last 6 English Indrajal Comics - #272, #278, #V21N07, #V25N32, #V25N41,#V26N34

This party is brought to you by Ajay Misra, Venkitachalam Subramanian, Ajnaabi, Mr. Walker and Shekhar Chandra.

I’m a medium only.

Indrajal Digital posting period: 17th April 2005 to 24 july 2009, 4 years & 102 days, i.e. 1562 days. And, this post is making all 803 English Indrajal online. Hurrah!

I had a dream to collect all Indrajal Comics since childhood when I read first Indrajal (#295). I started waiting next one from the day I got current issue. At that town, there was no chance to buy old issues. The only way to read old issues was collection of elder brothers of my friends.

With time I collected almost all issues starting from #295. But major part of collection is lost now. Never thought, I could see these again. When I found these at net in Aug 2007 in digital form, couldn’t believe. Where I'm living at present, finding English or Hindi comic is almost impossible.

Although B&C blog was launched on 18 Nov 2007, I started Indrajal posting since 14 May 2008, when again deficit of scans were recreated after regular flow by several blogs. Motivating factors were contributors and thousands Indrajal fan like me, who wish to collect or read.

And terror of PBC, later Munna Bhai started. Several times, I received letters from hardcore fans that they could not able to read due to floods of IJC, however always requested to continue.

Believe, time and tide never wait for anyone. There are many friendly persons who have nice collections, but can’t scan and share due to lack of time or any other reason. When friends are in mood to scan and share, why not try to achieve the target. When I started posting IJC, couldn’t guess in next 14-15 months we’d have all missing Indrajal. Ajnaabi, Ajay, Anurag, Anon (Indrajal), Raj, Venkit, Shekhar’s father and Shekhar are those friends who made it possible. KK & Mr. Walker (a new blogger) had supported with missing cover pages. Prashant Gupta & Vikram Singh are two contributors which scans I received through Ajay.

Two words about my Indrajal contributors:

• Ajnaabi: Amazing man who concentrates at missing and neglected, but good comics. Whenever he finds there is need to help always comes forward. I had started posting Indrajal with his 22 scans as the first post. Major parts of less popular heroes of Indrajal Comics are digitalized by him.

• Ajay Misra: His contribution to digital Indrajal is unmatchable. The major part of Indrajal at net are his contributions. Unmatchable speed of scanning. Helped with other scans – Deshi Guru, Shekhar’s father, Shekhar, Prashant Gupta & Vikram. Venkit says him, 'Vishm Pitamah'.

• Anurag: Most probably he has the biggest collection of Hindi Indrajal - 770 and many more English Indrajal and other Hindi comics. Whenever I request, he always finds time to scan in his busy schedule. His son is one of the top rank junior tennis players of India, he regularly travels with him.

• Anon (Indrajal): Wonderful person, even doesn’t tell me real identity. Contacted and in very short period flooded Indrajal. Encouraged me to start using Photoshop and guided in early stage.

• Raj: Nice cool person, started scanning & posting silently. First I found his scans at esnips, later found his blog. Whenever he has time scans and quickly posts. Always ready to help.

• Venkit: A new star who came in the light few months ago. Thanks to him, the major part of Bahadur comics is available as e-comics. Last Indrajal #V27N08 was scanned by him.

• Shekhar’s father: He is 80+, earlier helped with #16 Indrajal Comics, #58 cover page using a digital camera and this time, the cover of Mahabharata part 1.

• Shekhar: Last 2 scans we were expecting from another person, but due to unexpected reasons, didn't get on time. Shekhar ji (who has all Indrajal) had visited from USA 2 days ago. Ajay explained the situation, without a second thought he agreed to help. Yesterday, as he visited home, took photos and sent. Words are not enough to thank him. Ajnaabi finished editing these 2 Indrajal, 4.30 A.M. morning today.

• Mr. Walker: Came to know about missing covers of Mahabharata part1, quickly contributed.

• KK: Provided missing English cover pages of #V24N38, we were searching since a long time.

This blog exists since last 69 days. Contains 117 English and 6 Hindi. It’s important to note that 32 out of 117 were posted at Grouchy’s Comics blog. For new visitors, I put here with his permission when he removed from his blog.

I afraid to count how many Indrajal posted at B&C blog. Started posting Indrajal 1 year, 2 month and 10 days ago, i.e. 484 days only.

V21N07-1984-Lt.Drake-The Mantle of Mystery

Download link: Higher Resolution or Standard Resolution

V25N32-1988-Mandrake-The Maze Of Deceit Mandrake

(Reprinted version of #153-1972-The Master of Disguise)
Till today I hasn't scanned any comics. Neither all Indrajal are not posted by me nor had I started posting. I’m a late comer, what I observed or got information from others, feel need to mention some important names:

• TCP: The pioneer IJC blogger, amazing combination of quality & frequency.

• Vineeth Abraham, who just gave early edition of 100+ Indrajal Comics physical copies to Ajay in the very first meeting, which later we read as Ajay’s scan.

• Deshi Guru, contributor of Indrajal Comics and #1 to #5 Hindi Indrajal covers.

• ER Bhoopthy: person who has scanned #1 Indrajal Comics.

If I had missed any name, let me know, I’ll add. Very thankful to all known and unknown persons who scanned or posted even single new Indrajal.

There are several bloggers who played important role in English Indrajal posting, some had posted in other languages, and it has encouraged English bloggers, at least me certainly.

Indrajal bloggers:

1. English

First Indrajal
posting date
Last Indrajal
posting date
IJC available
in languages
April 17, 2005 April 16, 2009English, Hindi and TamilApril 17, 2005
2CWFeb 4, 2007 June 27, 2009English and HindiFeb 4, 2007
3ANUPAM AGRAWALMay 3, 2007June 30, 2008 English and HindiMay 1, 2007
4Kit Walker May 15, 2007June 14, 2007English onlyApril 29, 2007
5ICC June 2, 2007April 10, 2009English and HindiJune 2, 2007
Aug 21, 2007
May 30, 2008
English and HindiJuly 16, 2007
7 Bala ji Sep 27, 2007May 8, 2009English onlyJune 26, 2007
8TPH Dec 13, 2007*March 8, 2009English and Hindi Nov 30, 2007*
SameerJan 10, 2008July 6, 2009English, Hindi and MarathiJan 10, 2008
10DaraJan 23, 2008Dec 6, 2008English comics, Bengali coversApril 6, 2007
PBC!May 14, 2008April 28, 2009English and Hindi18 Nov, 2007
Munna Bhai! May 17, 2009July 24, 2009English*** and HindiMay 17, 2009
Mr WalkerJuly 9, 2009July 21, 2009Bengali, English and Hindi**July 9, 2009

*Exact date not available, as he deleted & reposted after few months.

! Are PBC & Munna Bhai same ? It's not our problem, my ADVOCATE BOSS has to think, how to prove. We challenged and posted openly. What is name after all for us, both has mentained same frequency & quality of scans.

** Yesterday Mr. Walker had informed his intention to share in Hindi too.

*** Actually Groughy Comics was 11th blogger which provided 35-40 English Indrajal at this platform. 32 out of 117 posted here, were available at Grouchy’s Comics blog.

2. Blogs, which had provided Indrajal in other languages only:

D# BloggerFirst Indrajal
posting date
Last Indrajal
posting date
IJC available
in languages
Kit WalkerMay 7, 2007Oct 28, 2007
Gujarati only
May 15, 2007
Sep 8, 2008
June12, 2009
Hindi only
Sep 7, 2008
Feb 22, 2009
May 26, 2009
Bengali only
Feb 22, 2009

I'm referring blogs which provided first time unknown scans at this blogging platform till today only. Links of all blogs are available in sidebar.

And finally, the visitors, Janta Janardan. It’s such a barometer which not only gave information about interest, but always tell us, we were not only few persons who were interested.

Thanks friends! It was a collective project, all participated, visitors, bloggers & contributors.

There is Russian proverb:

• Не име́й сто рубле́й, а име́й сто друзе́й.
• Transliteration: Ne imey sto rubley, a imey sto druzey.
• Translation: Don't have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends.

I'm such a lucky person, have many friends. Whenever I need, God sends one more.

272- Cover by Shekhar’s father, 4 cover pages by Mr. Walker, all the rest pages by Ajnaabi.
278- All work by Ajnaabi
V21N07- Scanned by Ajay
V25N32 – Photos by Shekhar Chandra, edited by Ajnaabi
V25N41- All work by Venkitachalam Subramanian
V26N34 -Photos by Shekhar Chandra, edited by Ajnaabi

Which comic is 800th and which is 803th, how one oould be chosen. Without 799th - 800th could not be reached. It’s a collective effort and all deserve these landmark places.

Proudly announcing first round of digital Indrajal posting has been closed.

First round? Many which are available in low resolution, will be rescanned. That's why.

Next post: English Indrajal covers. I was going to post in this post, however many covers need repairing, working in this direction.

After an end, a new life begins. So, keep visiting. Not saying Good bye, до свидания (do svidánija) - See you soon!
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V22N46 - The Ghost's Fury (Post 2)

It's my 1st post at THE RETURN OF INDRAJAL COMICS!!!

Few weeks ago, when I was searching this Indrajal in English Mr. Walker had promised to send me instead of posting at his own blog which he was planning to launch, this one, and sent me this Indrajal Comics. Thanks, buddy!

As he is busy with his exams, I decided to post this one at his blog, not mine, to encourage this selfless Youngman. Our goal was to collect all Indrajal, not posting all in own blog. There are limited blogs, visitors can take a look. Isn’t it?

I’m hoping, he’ll play very important role in 2nd round posting Indrajal Comics – for me, it’s not reposting old scans, but new, better and complete version. Most of us know that there are several Indrajal which need rescanning.

It's first Indrajal Comics scanned by 'Mr. Walker'. I'm glad to find out, the show is going on. We are near to complete collection and second round of Indrajal Posting already started, better versions are coming online.

At present in the collection of this fan, there are approx 640 Indrajal Comics. Hoping someday he’ll have all 803 Indrajal Comics.

Let friendship, harmony, selflessness, love and honour for each other - win.


Standard Resolution

Higher Resolution
P.S. (April 2010):  Although we proposed a joint blog & decided to lay foundation of this unique blog  (Indrajal Online) later . May be this post was a turning point. Even today I can't believe, there are so many IJC bloggers together here. Thanks Mr. Walker, thanks friends!
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V22N46 - The Ghost's Fury (Post 1)

It is originally posted at Indrajal Comics - Countdown Continues
It's first Indrajal Comics scanned by 'Mr. Walker'. I'm glad to find out, the show is going on. We are near to complete collection and second round of Indrajal Posting already started, better versions are coming online.

Mr.Walker was planning to launch a blog for Bengali, English and Hindi Indrajal, however he decided to contribute his first scans me. Thanks!

It was such a pleasant surprise for me, I waited some days to post him first. As I come to know now he is busy with his exams and posted first Bengali Indrajal- posting link not here, but at his blog: walkerindrajal.blogspot.com

This version contains all pages.

It was another pleasant surprise for me that this fan has started reading Indrajal when it was out of print and able to collect a lot. Now you can guess how young he's. Really, there are Indrajal fans of all age group.

At present in his collection, there are approx 640+ Indrajal Comics. Hoping someday he'll have all 803 Indrajal Comics and all will support & help him.

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V23N51 - The Ill Fated Voyage Part 2

V23N50 -1986 -Phantom- The Ill Fated Voyage Part I
(New scans)

Standard Resolution


Higher Resolution

It's contributed by Ajay Misra.
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V23N50 - The Ill Fated Voyage Part I

Ladies and Gentlemen, attention please: Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profile
to join party: 24 th July, 2009 at 1 P.M. IST .

Last 2 missing Indrajal Comics are under scanning & 4 more are already ready. So we are not only going to post 800th digital English Indrajal at net, rest 3 too.
The post will contain 6 English Indrajal Comics.

And we'll have all 803 Indrajal Comics in our collection.

V23N50 -1986 -Phantom- The Ill Fated Voyage Part I
(New scans)

Standard Resolution or Higher Resolution

It's contributed by Ajay
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