Many old links were gone, so started re-posting best scans (only) since Oct 2017 as those were too many.

Who came in late, check posts from Oct 2017 only.
You won't miss any Hindi and English number.

This time re-uploading best files only - some are re-scanned & some re-edited. All details are given in each post.

English: All 803 are available.  Mostly versions (old and and New) were originally launched by us. Some numbers still need replacement.
A to Z numbers are  tagged 
with prefix "#" and given in sidebar.
#1 to #20 "printable version" is also shared, tagged with same title tag.

Hindi: In two posts of Oct 2017, all previously shared 640.5 Hindi Indrajal Comics (by all) were re-shared: #1 to #443 and Vol 20 to Vol 27 

Note: Only all Hindi originally shared by us have prefix "*" and given in sidebar. Those two posts contains ALL our originally shared numbers as many old links were down.

So, for all 803 Hindi numbers 1st check these 2 posts.
Then, and all Hindi numbers posted after these, or can check by number, if see date after OCT 2017 - means, it was missing earlier or new version.

Marathi: 6 numbers only. All are our presentations, best way to collect is using tags.

Note: Many English and Hindi numbers had more than one versions. Can surf those posts to know about history of older versions and original uploaders, but most of old links are down.

Some common requests
 A. Please provide certain type of alternative links.
We are also trying to give easily downloadable and long surviving links.
These links are better than nothing, isn't?
We are doing what we can. It's 100% free sharing and our hobby only.
Solution for Usersclould link: Read Here

B. Please provide small resolution/size files also.
Till July 2009 we were giving smaller files, those were downloaded by few.
Now, our attempt is to improve quality, one can compress size according to own taste.

C. Some links are dead, please provide new.
Old posts were fixed many times  since 2008.
All Hindi & English were re-posted in lot from Oct 2017 - even some were re-scanned.

The policy of file hosting sites changes periodically.

We don't put watermarks - although know very well how could be done since long. 

download now, don't wait for tomorrow. Otherwise you'll have to get these scans at copycats blog with their watermark as if they did.
Few even urged hard how they worked hard in scrapping. 😅
Instead of giving hands in missing issues,  disappear like masrooms after rain.

Request to thankful visitors
If observe broken links, please drop your links with our shared files in comment section for those who come in late.

D. how to search an Indrajal Comics Here?
There are several ways to search: In this blog, each and every Indrajal is tagged properly with Languages, number, Hero of comics etc to make your search easier.
1. using menu-bar  TABs:
2. using TAGs. Number tag (with prefix) is by language. 
3. Through Old & new posts button
4. Through archive
5. Search

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