Some Common Questions

Some common requests by visitors:

 A. Please certain type of alternative links.
Mostly our members also like mediafire etc links. Some are using premium account at a certain server paying themselves.
Sometimes due to technical problems etc, even we couldn't replace dead/removed links at certain server. That's why we opt other file hosting server also.
These provided links are better than nothing. We are doing what we can, as it's 100% free sharing and; our hobby only.

B. Please provide small resolution/size files also.
Till July 2009 we were giving, but those were downloaded by very few.
Now, our attempt is to improve quality of many Indrajal Comics.
It's not a secret that these comics are rare & not always available for scanning. Some physical copies  available with our contributors/team members are damaged. We are trying to fix those. It is a time taking process, sometimes it takes several day for fixing one issue.

C. Some links are dead, please provide new.
We are aware about those. Try whenever have time. Please, keep eyes at side bar for fixing notice.
And download available comics now, don't wait for long.
The policy of file hosting sites changes periodically.

D. how to search an Indrajal Comics Here?
There are several ways to search: In this blog, all Indrajal are tagged properly with Languages, number, Hero of comics etc to make your search easier.
1. Through Language TAB: At present we are sharing in 3 languages only. All  numbers available with us, one can check easily through language tab. One may find more than one version presented by us. 
2. Through Language TAG: It may show in reverse sequence of posts (not numbers of  IJC) in that particular language.
3. Through Old & new posts button: Check through Old & new posts. Here you will get mixed languages and in sequence as we posted. 
4. Through Tag: Click at the Hero name etc tag, it will show all such posts in all languages available here, under this tag. 
5. Through archive: It will show you as it was posted in chronicle order.
6. Search: Give name hero, number etc in same style as it's used in this blog. You may know, at present search option at blogs doesn't give 100% correct result always, but is also helpful. No doubt.

Note, many are multi-comics posts. So sometimes you may find more comics/heroes in one post. Use old and new post button see footer part of body) to change pages.

Still have questions? Write us, e-mail(s) is(are) in Authors list.

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