V23N42 - A Flash Gordon Comic

I present here an Indrajal Comic starring Flash Gordon. It is Vol 23 No 42 (October 19-25, 1986) named "The Testing Challenge". The version today available is a 5.4 MB copy without cover et al.

Here is the front cover. It has suffered a bit of "Binder's Surgery", if you know what I mean.


You really have to hand it to TOI to hack and slash a comic strip to fit into a Comic Book format. This story has been grabbed from two Daily strips. The first part of the story (until page 16) ia hacked and slashed from the Daily strip D2-128 - EMP 5-28-84 to 9-29-84,

Check out this 2nd page from the comic, which has been taken from various areas of the original strip and then mixed and merged!!

The first strip is taken from strip 16 of the original story.

The second strip is taken from strip 24 of the original story.

The third strip is taken from strip 34 of the original story.

The fourth strip is taken from parts of strips 35 & 36 and merged into one!

The second part of the story is taken from the daily strip D2-129 - Return to Atlantis 10-01-84 to 1-26-85.



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