Eng List (1 to 443) (March 1964 - Dec 1982)

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Indrajal Comics was a series launched by the publisher of The Times of India, Bennet, Coleman & Co in March 1964.

A total of 803 Indrajal Comics were published, excluding #123 and #124 which were not printed due to industrial strike action.

Each issue was individually numbered until 2 Jan 1983 when the editors decided to use a volume and number typical of periodical publications. Hence, #444 was numbered as Vol.20 No.1

The last issue was #805 (Vol 27 No 8) Dara: The Jaws of Treachery (1990).

Heroes of Indrajal Comics: These appeared as 1st story, some Indrjal had more than story, those 2nd stories are not counted in this data.

1. The Phantom: Total 402 (Including all reprinted versions)- First issue #1 (1964), Last issue #V27N06 (1990).
2. Zorro: Total 1- Issue #37
3. Mickey Mouse: Total 2 - First issue #42 (1967), Last issue #44 (1967).
4. Mandrake: Total 153 (Including all reprinted versions)- First issue #46 (1967), Last issue #V27N07 (1990).
5. Flash Gordon: Total 57- First issue #72 (1968), Last issue #V26N32 (1989).
6. Bahadur: Total 75- First issue #267 (1976), Last issue #V27N05 (1990).
7. Buz Sawyer: Total 11- First issue #377 (1981), Last issue #V20N23 (1983).
8. Lt. Drake: Total 18 - First issue #379 (1981), Last issue #V22N24 (1985).
9. Mike Nomad: Total 7 - First issue #383 (1981), Last issue #V20N35 (1983).
10. Rip Kirby: Total 15 - First issue #399 (1982), Last issue #V26N29 (1989).
11. Garth: Total 14 - First issue #420 (1982), Last issue #V26N27 (1989).
12. Bruce Lee: Total 4 - First issue #V21N14 (1984), Last issue #V21N45 (1984).
13. Phil Corrigan: Total 11- First issue #V21N21 (1984), Last issue #V24N13 (1987).
14. Aditya: Total 3- First issue #V24N28 (1987), Last issue #V25N05 (1988).
15. Dara: Total 8 - First issue #V25N43 (1988), Last issue #V27N08 (1990) –IT WAS LAST IJC.
16. Miscellaneous: Total 22 comics were published: - First issue #33 (1966), Last issue #368 (1981).

Indrajal Comics Eng List (#1-#443) (1964-1982)
Hero (1-443): Bahadur, Buz Sawyer, Flash Gordon,  John Drake, Garth, Kerry Drake, Mandrake, Mike Nomad,The Phantom, Zorro, Mickey Mouse, Miscellaneous 

These 441 Indrajal comics were printed between 1964 to 1982.

1The PhantomThe Belt1964-3
2The PhantomPrince Orq1964-4
3The PhantomThe Challenge of Cannibals1964-5
4The PhantomThe Impostor1964-6
5The PhantomThe Phantom’s Isle of Eden1964-7
6The PhantomThe Lunar Cult1964-8
7The PhantomThe Man Eating Plant1964-9
8The PhantomThe Playmate1964-10
9The PhantomThugs in Denkali1964-11
10The PhantomThe Phantom’s Ring1964-12

11The PhantomThe Phantom’s Treasure1965-1
12The PhantomThe Phantom Is Chained1965-2
13The PhantomThe Phantom And Samaris1965-3
14The PhantomThe Mystery of The Rattle1965-4
15The PhantomThe Unknown Commander1965-5
16The PhantomThe Diamond Cup1965-6
17The PhantomThe Mysterious Passenger1965-7
18The PhantomThe Golden Princess1965-8
19The PhantomMoogoo’s Doll1965-9
20The PhantomThe Mysterious Bank Robbery1965-10
21The PhantomKing Pepe’s Bride1965-11
22The PhantomA String of Black Pearls1965-12

23The PhantomScarlet Sorceress1966-1
24The PhantomThe Human Beast1966-2
25The PhantomAround The Moon1966-3
26The PhantomThe Jungle Patrol1966-4
27The PhantomThe Mystery of Gandor1966-5
28The PhantomThe Trembling Jungle1966-6
29The PhantomThe Secret of Nacabre’s Castle1966-7
30The PhantomThe Girls1966-8
31The PhantomThe Swamp Rats1966-9
32The PhantomOogooru, The Deity of Murder1966-10
33Walt DisneyTreasure Island1966-11
34The PhantomThe Super Apes1966-12

35Walt DisneyRobin Hood1967-1
36The PhantomBlind Phantom1967-1-15
37Walt DisneyZorro1967-2-1
38Walt DisneyMan in Space1967-2-15
39The PhantomWamba Falls Inn1967-3-1
40Walt DisneyRob Roy1967-3-15
41The PhantomThe Mystery of The Veiled Lady1967-4-1
42Walt DisneyThe Missing Aircraft Carrier1967-4-15
43The PhantomThe Diamond Queen1967-5-1
44Walt DisneyMickey Mouse1967-5-15
45The PhantomThe Deadly Web1967-7-1
46MandrakeMandrake and the Doomsday1967-7-15
47The PhantomThe Girl Phantom1967-8-1
48The PhantomThe Secret of Magic Mountain1967-8-15
49The PhantomThe Secrets of the Phantom1967-9-1
50MandrakeThe Black Wizard1967-9-15
51The PhantomThe River Pirates1967-10-1
52The PhantomThe White Goddess1967-10-15
53MandrakeThugs In The City Park1967-11-1
54The PhantomThe Great Riddle1967-11-15
55The PhantomThe Villain’s Challenge1967-12-1
56The PhantomDelilah1967-12-15


57The PhantomThe Terror Tiger1968-1-1
58The PhantomThe Sixth Man1968-1-15
59The PhantomThe Sleeping Giant1968-2-1
60The PhantomThe Cold Fire Worshippers1968-2-15
61The PhantomThe Story of Hero1968-3-1
62The PhantomThe Lost City1968-3-15
63MandrakeJungle Drums1968-4-1
64The PhantomDiana’s Deadly Tour1968-4-15
65The PhantomThe Jade Palace1968-5-1
66MandrakeThe Taletell Doll1968-5-15
67The PhantomThe Sea God1968-6-1
68MandrakeTerror from Outer Space1968-6-15
69The PhantomThe Hunters1968-7-1
70MandrakeSpecter From Space1968-7-15
71The PhantomMysterious Ruins1968-8-1
72Flash GordonThe Tournament of Death1968-10-15
73The PhantomThe Hairy Monsters1968-11-1
74The PhantomThe Curse of Lago1968-11-15
75MandrakeThe Disturber1968-12-1
76The PhantomThe Phantom’s Jungle Patrol1968-12-15


78The PhantomThe Kidnappers1969-1-15
79Flash GordonThe Elder’s Death Trap1969-2-1
80The PhantomThe Masked Marvel1969-2-15
81MandrakeThe Giant Tootache1969-3-1
82The PhantomThe Missing Bridegroom1969-3-15
83MandrakeThe Incredible Space Menace1969-4-1
84The PhantomThe Money Mad Maniac1969-4-15
85Flash GordonSheng The Savage1969-5-1
86The PhantomThe Blue Gang1969-5-15
87The PhantomThe Legend of Durugu1969-6-1
88MandrakeFlying Robots1969-6-15
89The PhantomThe Grey Gang1969-7-1
90MandrakeThe Mouse Trap1969-7-15
91The PhantomThe Dilemma1969-8-1
92MandrakeThe Giant Termites1969-8-15
93The PhantomThe Mysterious Pharaoh1969-9-1
94The PhantomThe Enchanted Land1969-9-15
95The PhantomNight in Denkali1969-10-1
96The PhantomThe Mysterious Guide1969-10-15
97The PhantomThe Tiger Girl1969-11-1
98The PhantomThe Bad Ones1969-11-15
99Flash GordonThe Witch Queen1969-12-1
100The PhantomThe Phantom’s Death1969-12-15

101The PhantomThe Satchel1970-1-1
102Flash GordonThe Floating City1970-1-15
103The PhantomVillain’s Paradise1970-2-1
104The PhantomThe Ghost Tribe1970-2-15
105The PhantomThe Drummer of Timpenni1970-3-1
106The PhantomThe Mysterious Toy1970-3-15
107The PhantomThe Giant Ape1970-4-1
108Flash GordonThe Plant Attack1970-4-15
109The PhantomThe River of Death1970-5-1
110The PhantomTrial By Fire1970-5-15
111Flash GordonMing The Merciless1970-6-1
112The PhantomRoyal Wedding1970-6-15
113The PhantomThe Grand Prize1970-7-1
114The PhantomFiftieth Wife1970-7-15
115The PhantomThe Phantom’s New Faith1970-8-1
116The PhantomGangster’s Dive1970-8-15
117The PhantomThe Iron Monster1970-9-1
118The PhantomThe Masked Ball1970-9-15
119The PhantomThe Spy-Plot1970-10-1
120The PhantomThe Killers1970-10-15
121MandrakeThe Witches Abode1970-11-1
122The PhantomWalker’s Table1970-11-15
123Industrial strike, not published- Never published-
124Industrial strike, not published- Never published-

125The PhantomThe False Mark1971-1-1
126The PhantomThe Jungle Home1971-1-15
127MandrakeCape Cod Caper1971-2-1
128MandrakeThe Criminal Team1971-2-15
129The PhantomThe Sacred Idol1971-3-1
130The PhantomThe Night of The Theft1971-3-15
131The PhantomThe Deadly Trap1971-4-1
132MandrakeThe Eccentric Count1971-4-15
133The PhantomThe Death House of Hydra1971-5-1
134The PhantomThe Crime School1971-5-15
135The PhantomThe Mystery of The Golden Sand1971-6-1r
136The PhantomThe Cruel Conspiracy1971-6-15
137The PhantomThe Rain Stopper1971-7-1
138MandrakeThe Famous Friendship1971-7-15
139The PhantomThe Hunter’s Prey1971-8-1
140The PhantomThe Captive Herd1971-8-15
141The PhantomThe Gangster’s Graveyard1971-9-1
142MandrakeThe Evil Ones1971-9-15
143The PhantomThe Missing Daddy1971-10-1
144MandrakeThe Mysterious Eight1971-10-15
145The PhantomThe Secret Mission1971-11-1
146MandrakeThe Cobra1971-11-15
147The PhantomThe Secret of The Misty Mountains1971-12-1
148The PhantomConspirators of Tulana1971-12-15

149The PhantomThe Evil Spell1972-1-1
150MandrakeMandrake And The Gold Man1972-1-15
151The PhantomThe Gladiator1972-2-1
152The PhantomJumba The Giant Elephant1972-2-15
153MandrakeThe Master of Disguise1972-3-1
154The PhantomThe Hijackers1972-3-15
155MandrakeThe Flying Saucers1972-4-1
156The PhantomThe Golden Ransom1972-4-15
157The PhantomThe Black Gold Pirates1972-5-1
158MandrakeThe Money Lenders1972-5-15
159The PhantomThe Secret Cave of Kings1972-6-1
160The PhantomThe Skull Cave1972-6-15
161MandrakeYear 50,000 A.D#05D71972-7-1
162The PhantomDiamond Mountain1972-7-15
163MandrakeThe False Will1972-8-1
164MandrakeThe Wonder Child1972-8-15
165The PhantomThe Fabulous Trophy1972-9-1
166The PhantomThe Amazing Island1972-9-15
167Flash GordonThe Killer Planet1972-10-1
168The PhantomWhere Is Diana|#E78C1972-10-15
169MandrakePartners in Crime1972-11-1
170The PhantomThe Deadly Trio1972-12-1
171The PhantomThe Phantom And The Vultures1972-12-15
172Flash GordonThe Plutonium Raiders1972-12-15

173The PhantomReturn of The Golden Comet1973-1-1
174The PhantomRomantic Witch1973-1-15
175The PhantomFlying Snakes1973-2-1
176MandrakeThe Giant Man1973-2-15
177Flash GordonThe Robot Family1973-3-1
178The PhantomDeath Speaks1973-3-15
179The PhantomThe Third Phantom1973-4-1
180MandrakeThe Cobra’s Trap1973-4-15
181The PhantomThe Phantom in Flames1973-5-1
182The PhantomThe Golden People1973-5-15
183The PhantomSky High Piracy1973-6-1
184The PhantomThe Brain Seller1973-6-15
185Flash GordonThe Ring of Saturn1973-7-1
186The PhantomGold Or Death1973-7-15
187MandrakeFloating Couple1973-8-1
188The PhantomHead Hunters of Tirangi1973-8-15
189Flash GordonThe Skragg Mission1973-9-1
190MandrakeHypnotic Beast1973-9-15
191The PhantomThe Kaluga Giant1973-10-1
192MandrakeThe Eccentric Genius1973-10-15
193Flash GordonTrapped On Mars1973-11-1
194The PhantomNight On The Mesa1973-11-15
195MandrakeMessengers of Death1973-12-1
196The PhantomThe Village of Ghosts1973-12-15

197MiscellaneousTo Each His Own1974-1-1
198The PhantomThe Outlaw’s Herd1974-1-15
199MiscellaneousThe Bridge Busters1974-2-1
200MandrakeThe Ratmen of Rodencia1974-2-15
201The PhantomThe Swamp Of Death1974-3-1
202MiscellaneousThe Tank Battle At Sukha Nallah1974-3-15
203MiscellaneousTreasure From No Man’s Land1974-4-1
204The PhantomThe Mystery of Zokko1974-4-15
205The PhantomThe Little People1974-5-1
206MiscellaneousOperation JIG-31974-5-15
207MandrakeThe Crystal Creatures1974-6-1
208The PhantomThe Cruel Comtessa1974-6-15
209MiscellaneousTulsidasa's Ramacharit Manas1977-7-1
210The PhantomThe Shark Island1974-7-15
211The PhantomThe Vampires1974-8-1
212MiscellaneousOn The Sands of Time1974-8-15
213MandrakeThe Killer Cobra1974-9-1
214The PhantomMagic Drum1974-9-15
215MiscellaneousThe Curse of The Goddess1974-10-1
216MandrakeTest of A Magician1974-10-15
217Flash GordonThe Escape1974-11-1
218MandrakeMystery of The Stone Face1974-11-15
219MiscellaneousKunhali Marakkar1974-12-1
220The PhantomThe Vandal Looters1974-12-15

221MiscellaneousThe King of Kaushambi1975-1-1
222The PhantomThe Forbidden Jungle1975-1-15
223MiscellaneousKomagata Maru1975-2-1
224Flash GordonDestination Venus1975-2-15
225The PhantomThe Little Princess1975-3-1
226MandrakeGigantic Octopus1975-3-15
227The PhantomThe Devil’s Trap1975-4-1
228MiscellaneousTulsidasa's Ramacharit Manas Part II1975-4-15
229The PhantomThe Phantom’s Promise1975-5-1
230MandrakeDeath Warrant1975-5-15
231The PhantomStranger In Desert1975-6-1
232Flash GordonRescue Mission Mercury1975-6-15
233The PhantomThe Golden Woods1975-7-1
234The PhantomThe Two Headed Bull1975-7-15
235Flash GordonMany Faces of Death1975-8-1
236MandrakeThe Towering Colossus1975-8-15
237The PhantomAn Oath of Vengeance1975-9-1
238The PhantomThe Jewel Deal1975-9-15
239Flash GordonThe Solar Power Station1975-10-1
240The PhantomDuel With Death1975-10-15
241MandrakeThe College of Magic1975-11-1
243The PhantomThe Clutches of Destiny1975-12-1
244The PhantomSkull Cave Attacked1975-12-15

245The PhantomThe Phantom And The Beast1976-1-1
246MandrakeThe Incredible Thief1976-1-15
247MiscellaneousSultana: The Indian Robin Hood1976-2-1
248The PhantomA Strange World1976-2-15
249Flash GordonMany Centuries Ahead1976-3-1
250The PhantomGoldbeard’s Strike Force1976-3-15
251MandrakeKiller Computer1976-4-1
252The PhantomMonsters of The Cave1976-4-16
253MandrakeThe Nightmares1976-5-1
254The PhantomNoble Lineage1976-5-15
255The PhantomThe Shining City1976-6-1
256The PhantomThe Goggle Eye Pirates1976-6-15
257MandrakeBandits of Magna1976 -7-1
258The PhantomHoogan The Witchman1976-7-15
259Flash GordonAppolo’s Chariot1976-8-1
260The PhantomThe Killer Gang1976-8-15
261MiscellaneousThe Ten Days1976-9-1
262The PhantomMerchants of Death Part I1976-9-15
263The PhantomMerchants of Death Part II1976-10-1
264The PhantomA Dead Man’s Promise1976-10-15
265MandrakeThe Ghost Town1976-11-1
266The PhantomThe Strange Hunt1976-11-15
267BahadurThe Red Bricks House1976-12-1
268MandrakeThe Secret Plot1976-12-15

269The PhantomTerror In Denkali1977-1-1
270BahadurThe Blood Suckers1977-1-15
271The PhantomThe Wonder Jewel1977-2-1
272MiscellaneousMahabharata Part I1977-2-15
273The PhantomThe Professional Killer1977-3-1
274MandrakeThe Haunted Beach1977-3-15
275The PhantomThe Masked Assassin1977-4-1
276BahadurThe Murderous Trio1977-5-1
277The PhantomThe First Phantom1977-5-1
278MiscellaneousMahabharata Part II1977-5-15
279The PhantomThe River of Fire Part I1977-6-1
280The PhantomThe River of Fire Part II1977-6-15
281MandrakeThe Sea of Horror1977-7-1
282Flash GordonThe Savages of Arboria1977-7-15
283The PhantomThe Crime Wave In Mawitaan1977-8-1
284BahadurWhite Ghost’s Den1977-8-15
285The PhantomThe Slave Traders1977-9-1
286MandrakeThe Magic Mantle1977-9-15
287The PhantomThe Dare Devils1977-10-1
288Flash GordonBrukka The Ruthless1977-10-15
289The PhantomThe Monster From Mars1977-11-1
290MandrakeThe Trickster1977-11-15
291The PhantomTremors of Fear1977-12-1
292BahadurThe Challenge of The Witch1977-12-15

293The PhantomThe Taste of Poison1978-1-1
294MandrakeSatan’s Man1978-1-15
295The PhantomThe Crucial Moment1978-2-1
296BahadurThe Bandit Chief1978-2-15
297The PhantomThe Spy Web1978-3-1
298MandrakeThe Master Criminal1978-3-15
299The PhantomThe Enchanting Island1978-4-1
300BahadurThe Fire Birds1978-4-15
301The PhantomThe Monster of The Green Valley Part I1978-5-1
302The PhantomThe Monster of The Green Valley Part II1978-5-15
303The PhantomThe Sacred Pledge1978-6-1
304MandrakeThe Galactic Treasure Hunt1978-6-15
305The PhantomThe Space Demons1978-7-1
306BahadurDouble Trap1978-7-15
307The PhantomThe Forsaken Cave1978-8-1
308Flash GordonThe Doomed Planet1978-8-15
309The PhantomThe Law of The Jungle1978-9-1
310Mandrake50,000 Miles in Space1978-9-15
311The PhantomThe Ghost Who Walks1978-10-1
312BahadurBahadur And The Kung-Fu Kings1978-10-15
313The PhantomThe Protector1978-11-1
314Flash GordonThe Undersea Humans1978-11-15
315The PhantomThe Tyrant of Tarakimo1978-12-1
316BahadurThe Child Lifters1978-12-15

317The PhantomThe Phantom Weds1979-1-1
318MandrakeThe Maze of Horror1979-1-15
319The PhantomDemons From The Dark Part I1979-2-1
320The PhantomDemons From The Dark Part II1979-2-15
321The PhantomThe Benevolent Ghost1979-3-1r
322BahadurThe Invisible Saviour1979-3-15
323The PhantomThe Crucial Combat1979-4-1r
324Flash GordonThe Death Chant On Klet1979-4-15
325The PhantomThe Swamp Dragon1979-5-1
326BahadurThe Gang of Imposters1979-5-15
327The PhantomThe Tale of Devil Part I1979-6-1
328The PhantomThe Tale of Devil Part II1979-6-15
329The PhantomThe Superhuman1979-7-1
330MandrakeThe Blackmailer1979-7-15
331The PhantomThe Delta Pirates1979-8-1
332Flash GordonThe Hulking Horror1979-8-15
333The PhantomThe Valley of No Return1979-9-1
334MandrakeInvasion of The Earth1979-9-15
335The PhantomThe Blood Thirsty Bandits Part I1979-10-1
336The PhantomThe Blood Thirsty Bandits Part II1979-10-15
337The PhantomThe Corba Diamonds1979-11-1
338MandrakeThe Hangman’s Knot1979-11-15
339The PhantomThe Return of the Beast1979-12-1
340MandrakeThe Curse of Gold1979-12-15

341The PhantomThe Secret of Vacul Castle Part I1980-1-1
342The PhantomThe Secret of Vacul Castle Part II1980-1-15
343Flash GordonThe Black Stinger1980-2-1
344MandrakeThe Mystery of The Unknown Valley1980-2-15
345The PhantomThe Scorpia Gang Part I1980-3-1
346The PhantomThe Scorpia Gang Part II1980-3-15
347Flash GordonThe Curse of Loki1980-4-1
348MandrakeThe Dragnet1980-4-15
349The PhantomThe Revenge of the Ghost Part I1980-5-1
350The PhantomThe Revenge of the Ghost Part II1980-5-15
351The PhantomThe Revenge of the Ghost Part III1980-6-1
352BahadurThe Secret Assignment1980-6-15
353The PhantomThe Mystery of the Sunken Treasure1980-7-1
354Flash GordonThe Tempest of Fury1980-7-15
355The PhantomThe Infuriated Ghost1980-8-1
356MandrakeThe Crime Busters1980-8-15
357The PhantomThe Star of Dangalla1980-9-1
358MiscellaneousThe Desert Smugglers1980-9-15
359The PhantomThe 22nd Phantom Part I1980-10-1
360The PhantomThe 22nd Phantom Part II1980-10-15
361The PhantomThe Phantom’s Wrath1980-11-1
362MandrakeThe Battle of The Giants1980-11-15
363The PhantomThe Jungle Gold1980-12-1
364BahadurWeb of Hatred1980-12-15

365The PhantomThe Slave Market of Mucar Part I1981-1-1
366The PhantomThe Slave Market of Mucar Part II1981-1-15
367The PhantomThe Diamond Robbers1981-2-1
368MiscellaneousBharat Bahubali1981-2-15
369The PhantomThe Desperados1981-3-1
370BahadurThe Mystery of the Headless Ghost1981-3-15
371The PhantomThe Royal Prisoner1981-4-1
372Flash GordonThe Ring of Fear1981-4-15
373The PhantomThe Legendary Foe1981-5-1
374BahadurThe Golden Tower1981-5-15
375MandrakeSatan’s Disciples Part I1981-6-1
376MandrakeSatan’s Disciples Part II1981-6-15
377Buz SawyerThe Monster Boys1981-7-1
378The PhantomThe Roughneck ‘Mob’1981-7-1
379Lt. DrakeThe Sting of Venom1981-8-1
380MandrakeThe Legend of The Giants1981-8-15
381The PhantomThe Demons of Koqania1981-9-1
382BahadurSpectre of Crime1981-9-15
383Mike NomadThe Devil’s Domain1981-10-1
384Flash GordonThe Flames of Vengeance1981-10-15
385The PhantomEmbers of Fury Part I1981-11-1
386The PhantomEmbers of Fury Part II1981-11-8
387Buz SawyerThe Hidden Vipers1981-11-15 to 1981-11-21
388Lt. DrakeBetrayal of The Oath1981-11-22 to 1981-11-28
389Buz SawyerThe Strangler’s Trap1981-11-29 to 1981-12-5
390The PhantomThe Smuggler’s Ring Part I1981-12-06 to 1981-12-12
391The PhantomThe Smuggler’s Ring Part II1981-12-13 to 1981-12-19
392Buz SawyerThe Horror Dungeons1981-12-20 to 1981-12-26
393Flash GordonThe Magic Sword1981-12-27 to 1982-1-2

394The PhantomThe Call of the Jungle1982-1-03 to 1982-1-9
395BahadurThe Dragons1982-1-10 to 1982-1-16
396Buz SawyerThe Broken Strings1982-1-17 to 1982-1-23
397MandrakeAleena, The Enchantress Part I1982-1-24 to 1982-1-30
398MandrakeAleena, The Enchantress Part II1982-1-31 to 1982-2-6
399Rip KirbyThe Wax Trap1982-2-07 to 1982-2-13
400The PhantomAbode of the Ghosts Part I1982-2-14 to 1982-2-20
401The PhantomAbode of the Ghosts Part II1982-2-21 to 1982-2-27
402Rip KirbyThe Scary Whisper1982-2-28 to 1982-3-6
403Flash GordonThe Angry Shark Boy1982-3-07 to 1982-3-13
404BahadurThe Vengeful Outlaws1982-3-28 to 1982-4-3
405The PhantomThe Legend of Valour Part I1982-4-04 to 1982-4-10
406The PhantomThe Legend of Valour Part II1982-4-11 to 1982-4-17
407Buz SawyerThe Fugitive1982-4-18 to 1982-4-24
408Mike NomadThe Gold Hunt1982-4-25 to 1982-5-1
409The PhantomThe Dreaded Deep Woods1982-5-02 to 1982-5-8
410Lt. DrakeThe Million Dollar Ransom1982-5-09 to 1982-5-15
411MandrakeThe Sinister World of 81982-5-16 to 1982-5-22
412The PhantomThe Missing Prince Part I1982-5-23 to 1982-5-29
413The PhantomThe Missing Prince Part II1982-5-30 to 1982-6-5
414The PhantomThe Missing Prince Part III1982-6-06 to 1982-6-12
415Lt. DrakeIn The Devil’s Grip1982-6-13 to 1982-6-19
416Rip KirbyThe Night on the Forsaken Island1982-6-20 to 1982-6-26
417Buz SawyerThe Lost Island1982-6-27 to 1982-7-3
418The PhantomThe Jailbreak1982-7-04 to 1982-7-10
419BahadurHighway Gang1982-7-11 to 1982-7-17
420GarthThe Fiendish Mission1982-7-18 to 1982-7-24
421Buz SawyerThe Race For Power1982-7-25 to 1982-7-31
422MandrakeMandrake’s GodChild1982-8-01 to 1982-8-7
423Lt. DrakeThe Victim At Darehouse1982-8-08 to 1982-8-14
424Flash GordonThe Robot Invaders1982-8-15 to 1982-8-21
425Rip KirbyThe City of Harmony1982-8-22 to 1982-8-28
426Mike NomadThe Arson Ring1982-8-29 to 1982-9-4
427The PhantomThe Dauntless Protector1982-9-05 to 1982-9-11
428Buz SawyerEagle’s Lair1982-9-12 to 1982-9-18
429GarthThe Sormenting Spectre1982-9-19 to 1982-9-25
430Lt. DrakeThe Masked Panther1982-9-26 to 1982-10-2
431MandrakeThe Magician’s Challenge Part I1982-10-03 to 1982-10-9
432MandrakeThe Magician’s Challenge Part II1982-10-10 to 1982-10-16
433BahadurTreacherous Vandals1982-10-17 to 1982-10-23
434Flash GordonThe Trial On Mars1982-10-24 to 1982-10-30
435Rip KirbyThe Desert Fox1982-10-31 to 1982-11-6
436The PhantomThe Reign of Justice Part I1982-11-07 to 1982-11-13
437The PhantomThe Reign of Justice Part II1982-11-14 to 1982-11-20
438The PhantomThe Reign of Justice Part III1982-11-21 to 1982-11-27
439BahadurThe Maze of Treachery1982-11-28 to 1982-12-4
440Buz SawyerThe Haunted Lodge1982-12-05 to 1982-12-11
441Lt. DrakeThe Chateau of Intrigues1982-12-12 to 1982-12-18
442The PhantomThe Haunt of The Ghost1982-12-19 to 1982-12-25
443Flash GordonThe Space Invaders1982-12-05 to 1982-12-11

English List 2: V20 to V27
1. * = r = Reprinted story (panels can be different in size and colours too)

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