013 - Jadugarani Ka Shap (Hindi)

This story was reprinted by Indrajal Comics as Vol 21-N19 & Vol 21-20 in 1984. English version (Samaris) you already read.

Password: bookscomics.blogspot.com

All Thanks and credits go to Anurag.
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011 - Vetal ka khzana

A very nice comic in Hindi which english original (The Phantom's Treasure) & reprinted English Version (Vol.21N29 - 1984 - The Ancient Cave of Splendor Part I & Vol.21N30 - 1984 -The Ancient Cave of Splendor Part II) you already enjoyed.
Password: bookscomics.blogspot.com

All thanks and credits go to Anurag.
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007 - Narbhakshi Vriksa (Hindi)

A Hindi Indrajal comics which English version and reprint hindi version (V24N08-1987-NarBhakshi Devta) you already enjoyed. This issue contains 28 pages.
Original is always original.......

Password: bookscomics.blogspot.com

Anurag provided it with links. All thanks & credits go to him.
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354 - Juarion Ka Jal (Hindi)

An interesting Flash Gordon's adventure published by Indrajal Comics.

Password: bookscomics.blogspot.com

All thanks and credits go to Anurag only.
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208 - The Cruel Contessa

Another Indrajal comics. I can say this was not available before in any blog, scanned earlier don't know. But these are new scans by Anurag.

Anurag deserves all credits and thanks for comics.

208-1974-Phantom-The Cruel Contessa
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293 - Nafrat Ke Shole (Hindi) & The Taste Of Poison (English)

Update (14th July 2008): Today Ajay Misra sent his scans of the English version. This time all friends can enjoy. I surprised to find out that it was scanned on 11.07.2005. We waited so long. But better now than never. Isn't it?

Ajay thanks!
Another missing Indrajal for Hindi readers. As usual Anurag Dixit is working hard for you. I requested him to scan first those IJC which were never scanned before in any language. He not only scanned and uploaded it personally.

293-1978-Phantom-Nafrat Ke Shole

Password: bookscomics.blogspot.com)

293-1978-Phantom- The Taste Of Poison

All thanks and credits for Hindi IJC go to "Anurag" and for English "Ajay" only.
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318 - Dhadhakta Marusthal (Hindi)

Dear Friends, this and all earlier scans provided by Anurag Dixit are NEW. Please actively encourage HIM for his selfless efforts.
English version was already posted earlier by other friend.
All credits for providing comics with link go to Anurag.
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2 Hindi Indrajal Comics #327 &328

Hindi IJC Readers!
Anurag bhai has contributed both parts at once for you. Enjoy.
I very appreciate his selfless efforts to share his collection with others. Majar part of his collection is in Hindi.
All thanks and credits for these comics go to him only.

327-1979-Phantom-Vetal Ka Sathi 1

328-1979-Phantom-Vetal Ka Sathi 2

Password for both files: bookscomics.blogspot.com
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4 Hindi .Indrajal Comics #: 102, 195, 248, 347 & Some Hindi Covers

My father returned to home after an urgent serious operation. It was my bad luck, I was not near physically. But really very happy to know he is fine and will recover soon. Very glad to find out, when I and youngest were very far, our 2nd brother had tackled the case as a Man.
In this happy moments, for you a mixed bucket of all three most famous characters of Indrajal comics in Hindi. These all are first time posted in Hindi. Among these, 2 are posted first time in any language (except 102 & 195 -already available in English) at net.

Password for all files: bookscomics.blogspot.com

Hindi IJC covers: 103, 110, 116, 118, 137

These are Anurag's contribution, all thanks and credits go to him only.
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