IJC #343 - The Black Stinger

This comics contains two stories of Flash Gordon. First one is 'The Black Stinger'. In this you will read about the combat between Flash and Skorpi Ace Baron Dak-Tula. Skorpi general wants to defeat Flash in one to one combat to keep his record unblemished. He challenges Flash to a death duel. What happens then ?

Second story is 'Warriors from Dark Continent'. Flash is assigned as an instructor to the 'The Space Kids Gang' for a star cruise. They meet  a strange dark world whose hostile space ship attacks them. They are able to repulse the attac momentarily, but in retaliation aliens attack earth with their special weapon. It blacks out the earth. How did Flash along with Space kids faced the threat. Read this exciting story.

Scanned By: IUnknown
Edited By: Prabhat

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