Indrajal Comics [Hindi]- Issue 354 Juarion Ka Jaal [Flash Gordon]

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This is a special post. Few days ago when I posted issue no. 33 in Hindi we received a comment from Mr. Subhas Kumar who lives in Delhi offering his help in scanning two Hindi Indrajal comics which are no. 354 and 424 respectively. Impressed by his enthusiasm I contacted him and shared my Email ID with him so that he can send his scan copy. Today I received both of the comics from here, so decided to share the 1st one today itself.

Although Issue 354 Juarion ka Jaal was already scanned and shared here earlier (Link will be updated soon), but his interest to share Indrajal Comics had compelled me to create this post.

Here I am sharing the Raw file as scanned by Mr. Subhash Kumar, as many Comics lovers like me like the unedited raw files of the older comics,might be because of nostalgia we feel reading those ones. The pages have also been cropped by him only.  So all thanks to Subhash Ji for a great scan and I also hope in future some more Indrajal comics lovers like him will come ahead and help us in preserving these gems of Indian comics industry.

Title- IJC[Hindi] 354- Juarion ka Jaal [Flash Gordon]
Hard copy- Subhash Kumar
Scan- Subhash Kumar

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Oh and by the way his next scan issue no. 424 will be also shared very soon. 
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IJC_013 (Phantom) The Phantom and Samaris Mar-1965

I did not have this original issue so I cleaned up and enhanced the online scan to reprint
digitally. In fact the inside pages were quite fine to begin with - the cover was redone to remove white smudges over the horse’s head and a soldier’s uniform.


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V21N05 - Andhere Saye (Bahadur) (1984)

एक और missing इंद्रजाल कॉमिक्स
Language: हिंदी 
Number: खंड 21 भाग 5 
Indrajal Title: अंधेरे साये 
Page: 32  (c2c)
Publisher : The Times of India
Publishing Date: 29-1-1984 से 4-2-1984
Hero: बहादुर
Script: जगजीत उप्पल
Art: बी.गोविन्द
Scanned and edited by: PBC

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Indrajal Comics [Hindi]- Issue 33 Dweep Ka Khazana [Walt Disney]

Hello again,

Been away, But today I am back with one of the most rare Hindi Indrajal, which we scanners have been searching for quite some time now.

Met an awesome Indrajal collector Mr. Prakash Shrivastav who allowed me to scan this comics.

I present you the 33rd Hindi Indrajal comics titled 'dweep Ka Khajana'.

Scanned the comics in a hurry, so some pages might be tilted a little bit, but let me assure you all the pages of the story are available.

Again Special thanks to Mr. Shrivastav for this gem.

Title- IJC(Hindi) 33- Dweep Ka Khajana
Hard copy- Mr. Prakash Shrivasta
Scan, Edit & Upload- akfunworld

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English Indrajal #281 to #290 - Best versions so far (till Feb 2018)

Re-posting English Indrajal #281 to #290
281MandrakeThe Sea of Horror1977-7-1
282Flash GordonThe Savages of Arboria1977-7-15
283The PhantomThe Crime Wave In Mawitaan1977-8-1
284BahadurWhite Ghost’s Den1977-8-15
285The PhantomThe Slave Traders1977-9-1
286MandrakeThe Magic Mantle1977-9-15
287The PhantomThe Dare Devils1977-10-1
288Flash GordonBrukka The Ruthless1977-10-15
289The PhantomThe Monster From Mars1977-11-1
290MandrakeThe Trickster1977-11-15

Front Cover and 1st story page may help you checking the version:

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286 - New scans by PBC
281,290 (probably Ajay's scans) are fixed by MiSD and PBC respectively.
Rest 7 were scanned by Venkitachalam Subramanian.
Thanks a lot Venkit for sending all files! 
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Some Marathi Indrajals - 004, 005 and 008

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IJC #1 to 12 Indrajal Comics (Print ready version)

Not my scan. Enhanced it to reprint a digital copy for my collection. Sharing the cleaner version.


Update (18 Aug 2018): Adding 1 to 11 - printable version by K. Vijay in his post here, instead of posting separately. Lot of hard work had done by him making such version and these files are uploaded by him.

001  (Printable quality)
002  (Printable quality)
003  (Printable quality)
004  (Printable quality)
005  (Printable quality)
006  (Printable quality)
007  (Printable quality)
008  (Printable quality)
009  (Printable quality)
010  (Printable quality)
011  (Printable quality)
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English Indrajal #271 to #280 - Best versions so far (till Feb 2018)

Re-posting English Indrajal #271 to #280
271The PhantomThe Wonder Jewel1977-2-1
272MiscellaneousMahabharata Part I1977-2-15
273The PhantomThe Professional Killer1977-3-1
274MandrakeThe Haunted Beach1977-3-15
275The PhantomThe Masked Assassin1977-4-1
276BahadurThe Murderous Trio1977-5-1
277The PhantomThe First Phantom1977-5-1
278MiscellaneousMahabharata Part II1977-5-15
279The PhantomThe River of Fire Part I1977-6-1
280The PhantomThe River of Fire Part II1977-6-15

Front Cover and 1st story page may help you checking the version:

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Mahabharata  both parts (#272; #278) were scanned and edited by Aznaabi.
4 Cover pages of #272 by Mr. Walker.
Rest 8  were scanned by 
Venkitachalam Subramanian.
Thanks, Venkit for re-providing all files.
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