267 - Lal Haveli Ka Rahasya

Today 15th August 2009, India is celebrating 63rd Independence day.

First Bahadur Comics (1 December, 1976): #267 - Lal Haveli Ka Rahasya (with autograph & photos) for more details check 250th post of B&C blog. It's a new scans.

Standard resolution

Higher resolution

All thanks & credits go to Anurag Bhai & Alok Bhai.
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Some Bengali Phantom/Mandrake Covers & vintage Strips...

These are from my old scans which I did few months back!! Besides some vintage Bengali Phantom/Mandrake Indrajal covers,I'm attaching a couple of pages of Bengali Phantom Sundays from a old magazine.....watch out for the fabulous coloring(despite the books are more than 20 years old & I haven't done any editing!!)
Actually,I have planned to scan more such stuffs but my scanner not working since long...hopefully things will be fixed soon!! :-)
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032 - Oogooru The Diety Of Murder

This is one of the comics that was posted early..

but there were some problems..

as i said before, i will not post a comic without a cover..

m talking about this...

indrajal comics no. 32- october, 1966 (NEW SCANS)


High resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?gjjtznxj0xo


Standard resolution:http://www.mediafire.com/?yg0jtw51uzw

I've rescanned this comic..as the early version was missing some pages..

hope the visitors will be happy..

P.S. It's my 1st English Indrajal post, however 2nd English Indrajal scan. The first one was posted by PBC HERE.. For my 1st Bengali IJC posts ans scans visit my blog THE RETURN OF INDRAJAL COMICS!!!
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