IJC V21N33-1984 ThePhantom Tryst With Destiny

This year is the 50th anniversary of the spacewalk. Commander Alexey Leonov spent 12 minutes and 9 seconds outside his space vehicle Voskhod 2 on March 18, 1965, connected by a 3.5 meter tether. This was soon followed on June 3, 1965 by the first American to do the spacewalk, when Ed White spent more than 23 minutes outside his vehicle the Gemini 4, connected by a 8 meter tether.

So what better story to present, than a Phantom comic, in which an astronaut circles around the moon  and returns only to be kidnapped by pirates in the middle of Africa. How the Phantom rescues the astronaut is a story told in inimitable Lee Falk style.

Unfortunately, this story came out in Indrajal Comics during a period when they had some of the worst cover pictures in their history. The story was also heavily edited.

This is an adaptation of S061 (The Astronaut and the Pirates) which ran for 28 Sundays between 11-04-1962 and 05-12-1963. The first panel looked like this:

Download the comic here and enjoy.

On a side-note, this was first printed as IJC 025 in 1966 and it seemed to have followed the original strip better.


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