104 - Veetal Aur Bhoot

Red for prosperity
Green for happiness
Blue for longevity
Orange for progress
Pink for friendship
May you be blessed with all Shades of life
Wish you a very happy and colourful Holi!

I'm sure, many readers already know that  almost all Charlton Comics (The Phantom) from #30 to #74 except 5 (#37, #52, #68, #71, #72)  were reprinted by Indrajal Comics.
It's a Charlton #35  (Dec - 1969)   which was printed as Indrajal comics #104 in 1970.
Story title (English Indrajal 1970 also):  The Ghost Tribe    
Writer: Bill Harris
Artist: Bill Lignante

Old link  was down, collect form repost: Here

It's a contribution by Anurag Dixit.

Hoping you'll like this comics.
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006 - Chakra Panthiyon Se Muthbher

It's originally the Sunday Strip #41 - The Crescent Cult (10-Apr-1955 to  07-Aug-1955) by McCoy which was printed in Indrajal comics as English tittle  "The Lunar Cult".
Now a days, finding out such early numbers of Indrajal with all pages in good condition is not easy task.  Many thanks to Abhishek Asthana who is supporting us providing his physical copies for scanning & A. Misra as always for scanning.
I'm not a photoshop professional, just tried to make it better as much I can. There is very rare chances we can get better copies. 
74 years ago on February 17, 1936, the Phantom was first introduced to the world in a daily strip with the story "The Singh Brotherhood" AS GROWN UP person, but we say his birthday. OK, Happy Birthday  Dear Phantom & Fans! :))

Hoping you'll like this Cover to cover version.

Old link was done, collect form repost: Here

p.s. If you observe, any link of Hindi Indrajal  shared till Sep 2017 is down,
Pls check followings 2 posts, all are re-shared:
 1-443 and V20 to V27
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114 - Pachasnvi Rani (Hindi) & some more covers

It's IJC version of D-79 - The 50th Wife (31-Oct-1960  to  25-Feb-1961) by artist McCoy. I wonder how many times Diana Palmer  was kidnapped. This time for becoming the 50th wife of King Ban. :) 
Have a look at some next coming Hindi new versions. Mostly are cover to cover, some missing pages hoping to receive soon. Some issues need  photoshop repairing, so it may take sometime to post. If you wish to read any at priority basis, let me know.
These are not all, many more are coming. Keep visiting.

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It's an Ajay's contribution. Hoping you'll like this comic.
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