IJC_V25N27 & IJC_V25N28 - The Snake Goddess - I & II

Today's presentation also contains two stories each.

The first story is a story of the Phantom, the Ghost Who Walks. It's IJC version of D-161: Script: Lee Falk Artist: Seymour Barry.

The second story is a Timpa story - Double Trouble. Script: J.P.Kerawala Artist: Sarabjit Sen. Have I mentioned that I love that Grampa? Well, I might have. And more than once, with no chance of stopping yet.

The Snake Goddess Part - I


The Snake Goddess Part - II


Scanned & edited by me. I am trying to fill in for Prabhat for the span of the  time-out  he has taken.


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Vol 25 N30 & N31 - Claws of the Killer

These contain 2 stories. The first story in each comic is a Mandrake story which is  IJC version of D-191. Script: Lee Falk Artist: Fred Fredericks.

The second story is IJC version of Rip Kirby story 149. I am not sure about the script, but art is by John Prentice. The IJC  name for the story was "The Scheming Usurper".



I have nothing to comment on the cover pages of this era, except that they were bad. No idea who was the artist.

Scanned & edited by me. Enjoy.
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