Mandrake Cover Project #1 : Mandrake-Indrajal Covers (BOTH Original-n-Repeat Versions ) : Part-I

From now on,I'm planning to post as many as Mandrake-Indrajal covers (as I've ALL Cover scans,except one or two)!
And,with some special covers, here's the begining of Mandrake Cover Project (MCP)!!
It's well-known fact that,many Mandrake-Indrajals had been Re-Published in later issues.There are 18 such issues (1968 -1975) which were republished in 1985 -1988 periods.
In this post,I present 1st part covers of those Original-n-Repeat versions.
Have a look!!
P.S.- Cover illustrations were remain fabulous in BOTH versions! :-))
And,I don't have the scan of R.V. cover of No.146 (Mandrake and Cobra).Thus omitted in this part.If someone kindly send that cover in between,will post in the next part...


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