Phantom Special Part 2 - English #: 313, 329, 345, 346, 363, 369, 400, 401, V22N05, V25N16, V25N24, V25N27, V25N28, V26N17, V26N39

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The New Year Party continues

 And finally again some Indrajal Comics by Ajay Misra:

313-1978-Phantom-The Phantom the Protector
(Hindi version is available online.)

329-1979-Phantom-The Phantom the Superhuman

345-1980-Phantom-The Scorpia Gang Part I (Complete)

346-1980-Phantom-The Scorpia Gang Part II

363-1980-Phantom-The Jungle Gold

369-1981-Phantom- The Desperados

V25N27-1988-Phantom-The Snake Goddess (part 1)

V25N28-1988-Phantom-The Snake Goddess (part 2)

Some reprinted versions, which original versions are already available online:

V22N05-1985-Phantom-In the Demon's Clutches (It's a reprinted version of 157-1972-Phantom-The Black Gold Pirates. English version of 157 & Hindi version V22N05-1985-Phantom- Safedposh Lutere are already available online.)

V25N16-1988-Phantom-The Cult of Assassins (Original version 6-1964-Phantom-The Lunar Cult is available in English.)

V25N24-1988-Phantom-Cave of evil (Original version 252-1976-Phantom-Monster of the Cave/Gufa Ka Rakshas is available in Hindi.)

V26N17-1989-Phantom-The Saviour's Wrath (Original version 319-1979-Phantom-Demons from the Dark Part 1/Andhere ke Rakshhas 1 & 320-1979-Phantom-Demons from the Dark Part 2/Andhere ke Rakshhas 2 are available in Hindi & English.)

V26N39-1989-Phantom-The Mysterious Foe (Original version 2-1964-Phantom-Prince Orq is available in English.)
All thanks & credits for New Year Party go to AJAY, ANON & ANURAG.


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