337 (1979) The Corba Diamond

Update: #151 English link is replaced. Now it has all pages.
It's D68 - The Crown Jewels of Corba  ( 23 Sep 1957 - 21 Dec 1957) by Falk& McCoy.

Corba is a beautiful place famous for its royal diamond collection. Marston ,a diamond expert is eager to see them. He arrives in Corba with his daughter and rushes off to see the collection. After examining the diamonds he he declares them to be fake. Suddenly all hell breaks loose. Marston disappears. His daughter tries to find him but everyone in Corba seems against her. One friendly person advices her to seek Phantom's help. What happenes then ? Read the comics  for the surprise and unexpected end. Hoping you'll like this comics.

Download 1600px width file (18.22MB)

Pages 1 to 30 are scanned by  IUnknown.
Pages 31 & 32 are scanned by Raj from a Hindi version.
Edited & last two pages are converted into English by Prabhat.


Venkitachalam Subramanian on 11 September 2010 at 22:19 said...

Thanks for the comic.

Let me mention that I had missed 2 pages from IJC_151. Thanks to the ever vigilant Col.Worubu, I have been able to include them and Prabhat has updated the link.

So if anyone downloaded the previous link, please download the new one at your earliest.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to Col.Worubu.

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