240 - Phantom-Akash Main Vinash Leela (15th Oct.1975)

 This IJC contains 2 comics:
  • Duel with Death   from Charlton #64
     Writer: Joe Gill 
    Artist: Frank Bolle
  • Treasure of Shark Reef

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Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

This was a reprint of Charlton 64. So none of the 4 guys mentioned in the credits had anything to do with it except for the fact that ThePhantom was Lee Falk's creation.

MiSD said...

 I don't know the details about Indrajal comics I already mentioned to PBC. I only scans and uploaded it here and PBC will modify it's details

Vidyadhar Yagnik said...

Thanks 4 a Phantom IJC

Prabhat Kumar Singh said...

Thanks for this number.

Hindi 229 & 243 are coming soon, although if you like to scan these most welcome. Really like your versions.
I'll change credits as discussed with you. However you can pick details before posting from English numbers posted in this blog by me since 2010. I had added strips/comics numbers in all posts.

Gaurav Arya on 5 March 2012 at 23:53 said...

Great post. Thanks a lot for this hindi version. Waiting for hindi ijc #229 & 243. Keep it up.

MiSD said...

 Thanks brother but I don't have No. 229 and 243. Please you add the details of the posts because I don't have these strips and  don't know that which comic belongs to which strip.

Comicsworm said...

Please post some ijc in Bengali version. 

Raj Vardhan Varma said...

Thanks a lot for this issue MiSD, your contribution is highly appreciated.

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