V23N46 - The Strange Banquet

It's IJC version of D146 Narda And The Cats (03-08-71 to 05-29-71) : Script: Lee Falk Artist: Fred Fredericks. There is a very small version (7MB) doing the rounds.

I am sure that anyone that is a parent of a cat, will relate to this story  about the mysterious ways of cats.

The first panel in the Daily Strip looks like this.

Download the story from here.




Mr walker said...

thanks venkit..one of my favourite mandrake "x-files"...also thanks for sharing the strip info..believe the first stripline (first 3 or 4 panels) are missing in ijc..

Mr walker said...

narda also had a pet cat..forgot its name..palmer or palmet something like that..

Anupam K. Sinha said...

Removed again. Can't you guys use dropbox link or something more stable?

Anupam K. Sinha said...

This link seems to be broken. Is there any chance of help?

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