We won't share remaining Hindi Indrajal publicly, until ....

Friends, we are stopping public sharing of remaining Hindi Indrajal here and some rare series like Gowarsons etc at our other blogs - you must know, some issues were not reachable even at 50K - 100K.
Naveen Ahlawat

One gentleman Mr. Naveen Ahlawat in name of selling his garbage (available at olx for rs 3000 and more), using our scans just for rs 15000 which we share  absolutely free. Selling at a fb group (won't give address - respecting admins) where many old collectors are members.

Some active and former contributors, requested him to not do so and removing from that group as it is not for sell of electronics - but he has own arguments. Many are just watching all conversation with disgust. About 16.00 (Indian standard time) protests were registered hours, but he didn't remove.

We strictly never made a single paisa using our scans.
-  Sometimes hard copies were 
bought paying  good amounts.
- Some were in very bad conditions, any collector shall afraid - however, some generous persons come forward - didn't ask any amount/favour directly or indirectly.
-  Some sent hard copies for scanning at own cost and risk.
- Some friends travelled other towns just for scanning - didn't ask for any compensation.

So, you can thank him, and demand remaining numbers from him directly.


4 A.M. March 9, 2019:
This gentleman had deleted his post after regular protest last night and clear warning - won't post Indrajal and some more series publicly. 

But quickly moved to other Group: FB comics group 213 A.M. March 10, 2019: From this FB group post is also removed.

Waiting his next pop-up. 


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