Indrajal Online goes online today ....

Almost 9 months have passed since last missing English Indrajal came online, However we are still receiving mails to provide links. Well, here comes a universal blog for Indrajal Comics.
We 18 persons are starting a blog with our own posts/scans which every can say proudly, “It’s our blog” – no matter whether he posted/scanned one or hundreds.
In the world cup, we are participating with not only 18 players (the Authors), but 18 of the supporting team (the Contributors) also. Some are playing both roles.

Today we are starting with 450+ English & 106 Hindi, however these are not all posts/scans by our team – very soon 700+ English & more Hindi can be downloaded from here. There are also plans for other languages. Marathi is confirmed, others we will try.

Is it limit? No. Still 82 player seats and unlimited supporting seats are vacant.
Will we win the cup? The participation is more important, the fair play is more important. We are going to make a blog for all Indrajal Comics friendly. Very soon some more blogs may join. All scans by members are coming very soon. Rest we’ll scan ourselves. We were already improving versions. So sky's the limit (Oh well it is limited by number of Indrajals published unfortunately :)).

To mark the occassion we are posting high quality version of two Indrajals.
First one is English IJC 355 - Infuriated Ghost. Scanned and cleaned by IUnknown. This was scanned by him in year 2004 for testing his scanner which he bought as a alternative of digital camera which was quiet expensive then :). Cover pages added recently. Illustrations in this comics are simply beautiful, Phatom and Diana never looked better. Story is also very good.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Second one is Hindi IJC 32 Oogooru Oogooru. Originally it was Gold Key # 4 which was published in Aug 1963. It has two stories of Phatom.

Scanned by  Ajay Misra
Edit - PBC

The Physical Copy by Abhishek Asthana

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We hope you like the both comics.

With regards,



Comicos says:

Dear Friends,

This is my very first post as co-blogger:), thanks to Prabhat & all rest members, who have been kind enough to let me join  this team from very first post. I go by the nickname Comicos, my interests include Indrajal Comics, Amar Chitra Katha comics, Western Classical Music and a lot more.

We hope to post interesting Indrajal  stuff through this blog. Please wish us good luck!


Mr. Walker says:

i came from college running for this..the biggest indrajal blog ever. Decided to join this mission when i hard it 1st this blog, i'll not only share indrajals but i'll also share all of my experiences related to indrajal.."  


Sagnik says: "being a member of this site, i was eagerly waited this day! Hopefully now we'll see all 803 indrajals & related posts/covers.. 


MaNdrAke dudE


Betal on 10 April 2010 at 10:25 said...

Nice posting, Thanks for Hindi version of Oogooru.

PBC on 10 April 2010 at 12:12 said...

Thanks friends! Never thought we could start with own 2 football teams very first day.

Today is also birthday of my youngest brother Rahul who is in final year Engineering. So, I’ll not only proud to be part of this team, but I’ll have always special attachment.

Many think, too many cooks in a kitchen spoils food.
Brothers, we are not going to cook, but serve only. :)

Have a nice time!

AJAY on 10 April 2010 at 14:21 said...

Hello Team mates

So finally every thing coming , great efforts by Prabhat . I request all other bloggers to join to make it a big success .


Krishna on 10 April 2010 at 19:36 said...

Congrats!to one and all! Best wishes for a long and healthy blog!

Mr. Walker on 10 April 2010 at 21:30 said...

hope one day this blog will contain all 803 ijcs in both eng & hindi..thanks

REX on 10 April 2010 at 21:52 said...

well done..thanks for the ijcs..

Rafiq Raja on 11 April 2010 at 09:28 said...

Congrats to the entire team and especially to Prabhat, for making this team possible.

Looking forward to more good scans and better ones, and you can count on me to leave a comment all places :)

Quizzerix on 11 April 2010 at 11:12 said...

Hello Indrajalians!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on this fantastic venture. I am sure with such dedicated IJC fans showing great altruism, this will become one of the best, nay, THE BEST comics blog on the cyberspace. I wish it all success

May the Phantom's Good Mark guide the blog



Anupam on 11 April 2010 at 13:04 said...

Finally Prabhat has made the impossible possible by joining almost all the IJC posts ever into a single platform.

Now dear friends, don't go off-route, this is the perfect and only train going towards the mile-stone long journey of the last Indrajal not available online (may it be any language)

Just wish that the integrity would be maintained by posting IJCs only here...

Once again BEST OF LUCK to the entire team for future progress...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot IJC Team, I feel so lucky to read the long lost indrajal comics thanks to all your efforts....

My only request, is the online version of the Satanic Grip still available (V26N24)? as the link provided is not working....

Thanks a million again....

PBC on 11 April 2010 at 23:37 said...

@Anonymous: Link is fixed now. Pls use any nick for further conversation.

chaltaphirtapret on 13 April 2010 at 11:04 said...

So What! If The Times of India Had Stopped Publishing Indrajal Comics in 1990. After 20 long years, every Indrajal Comics Fan can get IJC from #1 to #803 only at one stop place i.e. What is special about this blog is that now our national language Hindi too got priority. Earlier all Indrajal in english was available but at different-different blogs. Very few Hindi Indrajal was available. To read Indrajal Comics in Hindi is a real delight.Now every IJC fan can get his/her adorable comics under one roof and that too with options whether in Hindi or in English. This Great Blog is a Cracking News of year 2010 so far. To Make This impossible task into possible, all credits goes to the authors and contributors of this blog. Special Thanks to Ajay,Anurag and Above ALL Standing Ovation for our one and only Munna Bhai-Prabhat. As this is only due to Prabhat's efforts that now all indrajal lovers and bloggers are working under one roof with a common goal and THE GOAL IS TO MAKE INDRAJAL COMICS IMMORTAL !!!!!
Vishal (Pret)

The Ghost Who Blogs on 13 April 2010 at 17:55 said...

This looks great! I am very excited to see such a fantastic collection of Indrajal Comics made available to the world. What a terrific resource.

Best wishes!

Aaron (The Ghost Who Blogs)

PBC on 14 April 2010 at 23:31 said...

@Anupam: If one wishes to post himself at other places or share with others, but posts here also - nothing bad too. Collecting here FRIENDLY all 803 English IJC is absolutely real, Hindi is also possible.

Today we have a such blog, it's a joint effort by all. Very thankful to all members for giving up all personal ambition etc behind for Indrajal Comics.

Jai on 15 April 2010 at 02:47 said...

Good to see all are back again and sharing whole hheartedly. Keep it up.

Raj Vardhan Varma on 26 May 2010 at 12:51 said...

Dear All
First of all my all the very best wishes for the success of this long avaited endeavour. My special thanks to Prabhat, Ajay, Anurag, Zaheer, Anupam and all others who have rendered their utmost sincere time and effort to get this dream-project see the light of the day. I miss you guys a lot and hope & pray to come and join the band-wagon as soon as possible.
Deep Regards
Raj Vardhan Varma

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