237 (1975) An Oath of Vengeance

After #58, today Enjoy another IJC version FIRST TIME online.

This IJC contains 2 stories: 

1. Hero: The Phantom
IJC story title: The Phantom & the River Pirates
It's was taken from Charlton #63  (Jan 1975 )   
Charlton title: The River Pirates 
Artist: Mario Pedrazzi

2. Hero: Mandrake
IJC Title: The Rogue 
Strip - ?  (1974)
Writer: Lee Falk 
Artist: Fred Fredericks

It's scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go  to him.  

Download 1600px width C2C file

P.S. I guess, Mandrake story was partially taken from D 156-157 or S 123-124. Can anybody identify it?


Hojo on 27 February 2011 at 11:00 said...

I knew that #237 having a MTM story,as mentioned in that old MTM-Ijc Index,but had no idea which strip! Now after seeing the scans,I can confirm it's "partially" from a 21-week-long sunday:S123(The Bank Robbery) and the most weird treatment from ToI!!
They had published both S122 & S123 in the previous issue(#236:The Towering Colossus),so there was no need to publish a "little piece" from same sunday,well this part was omitted in #@236!!
Anybody can understand how poorly the panels were edited!! :(

As a funny trivia,due to this smallest & incomplete 3-page story,now #237 also incld. in the list of Indrajal-Mandrake!! ;o)

PBC on 27 February 2011 at 13:21 said...

@ Hozo: Thanks! I never had this physical copy. So, I was thrilled read C2C scans.

Due to such editing, we are fans of strips. :)
Hoping soon all Mandrake strips we can collect & enjoy.

When I noted that the real issue was not available, shared first. Soon #236 will be posted also.

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