002 (1964) Prince Orq

Hurrah! Very early IJCs are raining.

It's the second IJC printed ever which is based on S-48: A Lesson for Prince Orq (14 Apr 1957 - 18 Aug 1957)
Author: Lee Falk
Artist: McCoy

Enjoy New c2c HR scans.

Scanned & edited by ICC. All thanks & credits go to him.

P.S.  A cleaned version will be posted later.


venkitachalam subramanian said...

Thanks to ICC. Hopefully we will get all the IJCs in HQ as he is one of the very few with all 803 comics.

Prabhat, looking for the cleaned version also.

Col Worobu said...

Yes, thank you chandu for coming back to dazzle us with your rare IJC treasures! I hope to see more c2c hi resolution scans from you. This is greate news that the old time scanners are coming back.

Hope CW zaheer bhai comes back as well with his tarzan/AFC/IJC comic scans :o)

Rafiq Raja on 27 June 2011 at 09:28 said...

Thanks to ICC, for another rare scan... I guess he should now bring back his legendary #1 also in HQ C2C. Guys would welcome that with open hearts ;)

Rafiq Raja on 27 June 2011 at 09:29 said...

Col, Zaheer is still active on his blog with IJC scans, even last day he posted one Hindi IJC, If I recollect. Were you talking about him being part of IJC online, like before ???

Sagnik99 said...

Welcome back,ICC!!

Comik World on 27 June 2011 at 14:48 said...

First of all a huge welcome to ICC for re-scanning IJCS for all of us.Col.,Rafiq Bro rightly mentioned that CW blog is not yet devoid of IJCs related comics and discussions.My last two post were containing IJCs/Strips along with in depth analysis/discussion about the story.Perhaps you haven't visited CW from a long time. 

Col Worobu said...

Hi CW! Actually I meant that I was hoping for some english comic scans :o)
Hindi is a foreign language for me which is why I could not read your last post. Since IJC is pretty much covered by Venkit & Ajay and Chandu, maybe can we expect some other comics like the AFC & Tarzan comics you used to post before?

Comik World on 28 June 2011 at 09:34 said...

Col.the last post on CW is very much in English discussing about the Daily strip 154(Kimberly's Diamond) along with its Indrajal version.
Well,apart from comic posting detailed discussion about the story and other aspect of comic(Strips/IJC) interests me much more which i can do now as all IJCs are already available on net hence there is no tension to post comic only.


Who is ICC ? He seems to be a Big Gun in this Indrajal blog
world. What a positive enthusiasm he has created among fellow bloggers ! What a
warm welcome he is getting ! Sudden emergence of this mysterious fellow ICC has
brought back cheerful waves at indrajal online with ijc issue #2 ! Wow !
Astonishing act


Mr.PBC. please tell full name of ICC and also tell something
about him



Sagnik99 said...

ICC = Indian Cool Chick!! ;-)

pbc2007 said...

ICC ( http://indrajal-comics.blogspot.com/)
is one of EARLY STAGE  POPULAR IJC blogger, who shared many IJCs &

We remember him for his unique style of presentation. The 1st version of  #1 & 2 were first posted at net by him also.First
version of #1 had phantom comics pages  only, later rest pages were
scanned & posted by ICC in his blog as separate post.

Pls check this post, there is information about ALL bloggers (in brief) who posted IJCs  in 1st round - http://indrajal-online.blogspot.com/2009/07/last-6-english-indrajal-comics-272-278_1222.html

You might find one more version (better size) of #1 (2nd) with claim
as own scan by another person, but  some pages were stolen from ICC's
scans.  ;)

Since last 2+ years, he was neither scanning nor posting. He is
one of very few IJC physical comics collectors with all 803 IJCs also. I
(guess, many of us) think, he returned back for filling gapes of HR C2C

So, my answer is: Yes, he was/is a big Gun. :)

pbc2007 said...

 I'll share cleaned version with separate link and inform in new (current) post,  as I do with the Phantom strips.

Praveend_w said...

Thanks for this wonderful comic.

Chandoba is my name said...

Poochte hain woh ke ICC kaun hain
Koi Batlao ke hum batalyen kya -)

Chandoba is my name said...

I am flattered -)

Chandoba is my name said...

On a serious note, I was a person who had forgotten the world of ijs.. but one day i found TCP ( now please don't ask who the TCP is !!! -)   )
got inspired by him, started my own blog and started collecting comics..

but saying...
What a positive enthusiasm he has created among fellow bloggers ! What awarm welcome he is getting ! Sudden emergence of this mysterious fellow ICC hasbrought back cheerful waves at indrajal online with ijc issue #2 ! Wow !
this is too much

sagnik99 said...

@Chandoba: Don't you guess who was 'that' poster who tagged you by "mysterious"?? :P That WAS a laugh...anyway,we should guess,as only 1/2 used such flattery(for posting coimcs) in our hey-days of blogging..;o) Got the link??
 Between I'm looking for another kind of "ICC" as I've mentioned in my prev comment! ;)


is liye pucha kyonki apka yogdaan man ko bhaya

Lekin yunh lagta hai ki aapko mera sawaal karne ka andaaj
pasand nahin aaya”


pbc2007 said...

Same about me, the 1st IJC blog I found was TCP.

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