295-1978-ThePhantom-The Crucial Moment

My 1st Indrajal Comics: This is the first number I read. Although read in Hindi, it made me life long fan of Indrajal Comics.

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Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go to him.


Col Worobu said...

Thank you Venkit!

sagnik99 said...

Nice story!There's always a special bond you will have with the 'introdutory issue'(of every series that you have loved) throughout the life.Infact,these things are pretty nostalgic,so much so that,if one offer you a much early issue or this issue,you will definetly pick this one!
For the age of 1st Indrajal reading,it's always 7-9 year.I wonder if there are anybody who was introduced much later,say @14-15 etc?

pbc2007 said...

You are very true about picking of 'introductory issue'. By the way, I can say, again this number is in my collection.

Ni$$$had P. said...

Thanks.....Nice 1

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