360 (1980) The 22nd Phantom Part 2

Here is 2 part of  IJC version of S-108: The Heirs (12 Nov 1978 - 20 May 1979).
Writter: Lee Falk
Artist: Sy Barry
Cover Artist: Shehab
Download NEW HR C2C scans (2000px width) 97.52 MB

Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go to him.


venkitachalam subramanian said...

People familiar with the largest epic poem in the world - The Mahabharatha - will surely recall the great warrior Karna who was born with the Kavacha (armor) and Kundala (ear ring). Shehabji's 22nd Phantom seems to have been born with the purple costume, mask, boots and the striped underwear and gunbelts.

Emile said...


You are right!

I never (formally) noticed the baby's "costume"!!!

Good catch.


pbc2007 said...

Venkit: As know Mahabharta's Karna story since childhood, always accepted baby phantom costume as normal phenomenon. :)

Late Shehab ji had given the Indian colours to the cover.

Really very interesting.

TPH said...

It is such a sweet cover. It is sure to bring a smile on the face of anyone who looks give it a glance. I rete Shehab ji as one of the great cover artists. (not undermining his other work of course).

Thanks Venkit for this fabulous tale of 22nd phantom. Great scans. A pleasure to look at. I have bought a new 22 inch monitor for my PC and your new scans (together with Ajay's) just look fantastic on it. Thanks to you guys.

Another masterful job from Prabhat.

TPH said...

few typos and improper sentence forming. kindly ignore.

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