Hello guys.. posting after a long long time at indrajal online..almost after an year..with a very special hindi indrajal of mandrake, in 2 parts..about how mandrake finds a home like xanadu..

download part 1 :

download part 2 :

मैं एक बात दावे के साथ कह सकता हूँ..

इन दोनों अंकों को पढने के बाद आप सभी एक ही बात कहेंगे..

जैसे होजो कहते हैं, मजा आ गया!


pbc2007 said...


It's a good story, no doubt.

Looking for it's strip version (S-146: Mandrake's Masquerade - The Xanadu Story).

Rakesh said...

Many thanks!!! Very good post!
Now that Mr Walker is in town. We can expect lot of hindi IJCs ...:)

Rakesh said...

Prabhat Ji/Anurag Ji/Mr Walker: 

A request, If possible ....Can you please Post Hindi IJC 306, I believe that is Bahadur aur Aafat Ke Parkale. That was was my old time favorite. Thanks much.

Vidyadhar Yagnik said...

Mr. Walker aapka bahot bahot dhanyvad. 

Maja aa gaya :)

TPH said...

Thank you so much for this Mr. Walker.

HojO said...

Hello,I have the colored strip version (with original 6-panel format) but that is bit incomlete - missing some 5 sunday pages - and that's why I haven't publish that at yet.IF there's no prblem with this bit incompleteness,I can post very shortly..

Sajid_M said...

Thanks Mr Walker, for this awesome post. 

pbc2007 said...

Are those missing pages available in other languages? If not, pls share what is available.

The strips magic is more powerful than comics magic.

Mr walker said...

pbc2007 welcome bro..usually i dont read the strip version, but would like to know what is the difference between comic & strip version..

Mr walker said...

@cbca3846a78b61ab8be1556770bafc9a thanks..sorry, i dont have the issue #306 with me..

Mr walker said...

@dd13ef7d33c639c7f1338d4c9135a43a thanks..

Mr walker said...

Vidyadhar Yagnik & Sajid_M thanks..there r few hindi issues also coming soon, so dont forget to watch..

pbc2007 said...

When I first collected digital strips didn't like, as didn't find comfortable in compare with the comics. Generally I avioded downloading strips. 
But, now I prefer strips
There are 2 basic reasons:
1. Mostly comics versions (IJC) have some panels omitted to fit in limited comics pages, one can read full story in strips only.
2. In IJCs many panels were extendeted to fit in comics also, one can see in strips what was presented by  the artist & the writer.
Some more difference: Although I like IJC colouring, however many times I find original strips colouring better. Many were drawn B&W. There is another beauty reading original version. 

HojO said...

Ok,will post that strip very soon..also,as the Ijc version is on-line,so yes,there wil be not much problem!

pbc2007 said...

As Mr. Walker don't have 306 Hindi, I wrote to Anurag bhai. He just replied -"COMING SOON". :)

In next some days I'll post  Hindi & English (NEW HR) 306. 

Rakesh said...

Thanks Mr Walker. I have the ENG version. I am an ardent fan of Hindi IJCs. Therefore I would be visiting your posts quite often and waiting for next. Thanks again for the great work!

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