156 (1972) Swarn ya Mrityu

This Indrajal contains comics from Charlton 30 & 46.

Download C2C scans  (1600px width)

Scanned & edited by Anurag Dixit. All thanks & credits go to him.


venkitachalam subramanian said...

Can someone post the Hi-Res scan of the English version? Also does anyone have IJC-171 so that they can post a Hi-Res scan?

yahoo-24SHG277JE2PVMJBEX4ZTDYCLY on 7 November 2011 at 12:18 said...

Thank you for the new hindi IJC...

Rskakkar said...

Since demise of IJC, believe me I was searching for it in my dreams. It was part of me since the my first purchase of BALDY some time in 1966-67. Thanks to you all that I am meeting my long lost friends in you. I could not believe there exist IJC addicts like me. Now at least I would be shy about it.

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