V20N01(1983) The Iron Willed Savior-I

Updated 3 Jan 2012: Mediafire link is added.

This Indrajal contains two comics:
1. The Phantom - S-113: Crook's Haven (23 Nov 1980 - 24 May 1981).
Script: Lee Falk
Artist: Seymour Barry
2. Buz Sawyer - The blue Angle

Download NEW HR C2C scans (2000px width)
Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian.
All thanks & credits go to him.

Rest two parts are coming soon.


venkitachalam subramanian said...

Don't know if u guys noticed. The cover is not drawn by either Govindji or Shehabji. It is by Shekar. Don't know much about him.

Emile A Schwarz said...

Newly found information:

Character: Buz Sawyer
Story:       The Blue Angle
Kind:         Daily Strips
Start date: 1978-04-17
End Date:   1978-07-08

Artwork by Bob Crane.

Just like the main story, The Blue Angel spans thru three Indrajal Comics Issues:

Indrajal Comics v20-01 - 1983-01-02 | 1983-01-08
Indrajal Comics v20-02 - 1983-01-09 | 1983-01-15
Indrajal Comics v20-03 - 1983-01-16 | 1983-01-22

Many thanks to Venkit for pointing this page to me.



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