V20N02(1983) The Iron Willed Savior-II

Updated 3 Jan 2012: Mediafire link is added.
This Indrajal contains two comics:
1. The Phantom - S-113: Crook's Haven (23 Nov 1980 - 24 May 1981).
Script: Lee Falk
Artist: Seymour Barry
2. Buz Sawyer - The blue Angle

Download NEW HR C2C scans (2000px width)

Mediafire Link

Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian.
All thanks & credits go to him.

The last part is coming soon.


Sajid M N said...

Thanks for this awesome post. Please check the link, it points to part 1.

S Laxmi13 said...

Thank you for the comics.Unable to download 
V20N02(1983) The Iron Willed Savior-II .Please help.Hope you continue posting wonderful books.Thank you.

please said...

Could you please upload to mediafire? It is much faster, free and can download many files at the same time.

Thanks so much for your time and patience.

Ram VV said...

Thanks for the continued awesome posting... As mentioned by couple of others, the RS link is for Volume I. Please rectify it. Thanks.

venkitachalam subramanian said...

Please try this link for Part II

Ni$$$had P. said...

Link directs to part 1.......Please check...I am not able to download part-2..Plzzzzz

pbc2007 said...

Thanks! My net was down since 12th Dec, so couldn't check.

pbc2007 said...

I'm in India, facing problems uploading at mediafire. So, I couldn't upload at mediafire till 29th Dec. As I return (where I live), agian I can try uploading at mediafire.

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