155 (1972) The Flying Saucers

It's IJC version of D-131: The UFO (30 May 1966 - 17 Sep 1966)
Script: Lee Falk 
Artist: Fred Fredericks
Download HR C2C scans (2000px width) - 71 Mb

Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go to him.

Hindi version is available HERE


Guest said...

The Mediafire link points to Blogger. Can this be corrected?

Col Worobu said...

Even though Venkit has already sent me this file when I requested it in the coments section of the hindi post of "Autoriksha ke daku",  I would like to thank him here once more.

Thank you Venkit & Prabhat!

pbc2007 said...

Fixed. Try now.

pbc2007 said...

Thanks to you, many are getting this number. He forget to send me and I didn't ask about availability of this number. :)

Col Worobu said...

Thanks to your "Autoriksha Ke Daku" scans, I remembered that I did not have this issue in English, and asked for it. So It is really you who we should thank :)

Col Worobu said...

This story and "IJC 151 Mandrake and the Goldman (Sachs?)" were the first Mandrake stories I read as a kid and have fond memories of these. Not forgetting "koonkar BanuPriya" alias clay camel, which was issue 153, I think.

Pagloosndg said...

file got deleted :-(

pbc2007 said...

Fixed. :)

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