239 - Flash Gordon-Antriksh Se Aakraman (1st Oct.1975)

This Indrajal Contains 2 comics:
*Hero: Flash Gordon
It's S129 - "Solar Energy Station" (5/5/74 to 7/14/74) - Same storyline run in the daily D2-094.
Artist & Writer: Dan Barry  
*Hero: The Phantom
Title: The Captive King - It's 2nd out of 3 comics  from  Charlton # C51 (Aug 1972)
Writer: Joe Gill    
Artist: Pat Boyette

Download NEW HR C2C scans Mediafire Link (2000px width)        Size 49 MB


pbc2007 said...

Thanks for another Hindi version! Going to download & read.

gaurav arya said...

Great post. Thanks for this hindi version. Keep going

Praveen said...

Thanks a lot for the Hindi version---waiting for more.

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