IJC V26N13 & IJC V26N14 - The Wizard's Curse

It's IJC version of D199 The Woods: Script: Lee Falk Artist: Fred Fredericks

Download Part-I here

Download Part-II here

The original Black and White strips have been posted in Lothar's blog on Feb 12, 2012. Those of you who have not visited his blog please do at Lothar's great Mandrake archives.





Praveen said...

Thanks for this nice scan, Venkit.

pbc2007 said...

Thanks for sharing 2 missing numbers of this blog! In Vol series (V20 to V27 (total 362)), now we are missing 24 IJCs only.

Col Worobu said...

Thanks Venkit!

mohammed said...

Parishi and Ajay had posted some excellent Hindi IJCs on their site recently. A real great work. Are you guys going to post some? I see many Hindi IJC missing on this blog list on upper right corner.
Thx, Mohammed

Adeeb Nayar said...

Yes, Parishi's site has more posting and regular. Here only Venkit (Thanks!) posts.

regularly. Tired of visiting so many sites and not finding much...This site used to be good at some pint. PBC is saying for long time he will post 27 hindi IJC. When..???

venkitachalam subramanian said...

Well, Mohammed, do u have any of the "many missing Hindi IJCs"? Please do share them with Prabhat. He will only be too glad to post them.

And Adeeb Nayar, RAKESH and ANUPAM do not look or sound like VENKIT. Hve you even seen the various comics posted in December andJanuary ? A whole lot of Hindi comics were posted by them. If your aim is to sow the seeds of discord, well you may want to seek out other avenues.

And all said and done, this is primarily a blog started for various people to post their collections of IJCs in a better resolution.Posting comics is not a day job for me or any other person posting their collections here. Those who download these in bunches and bulk, do not even take a few seconds to write a few words of gratitude. Any down loader, who thinks that he or she is entitled to these comics, may want to think again.

pbc2007 said...

When time will permit only. :)
I had posted regularly 5 years... let some others do this thankless work. You are also welcome. :)

Venkat Natarajan said...

Keep up the great work here. Reading these comics brings back so many memories. Thank you for posting!

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