368 (1981) Bharat Bahubali

This Indrajal is based on Jain literature. In IJC #242 (1975) we read about Bahubali.
This version contains some more details about Bahubali & his elder brother Bharat.

 Story by Aryika Gyanmataji.

Note: It was 22nd & last miscellaneous Indrajal (out of total 803 Indrajal).

Download NEW HR C2C scans (2000px width)

Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go to him. 


Maheshinder Dhaliwal said...

Thanks for Inderjal comics. I appreciate you hard work  my one request for you that when you scan the comic please do not cut the white  border from the pages. with border comic looks like real one. and 150 dpi is enough. about 80 mb size for 32 pages is much.
Maheshinder Dhaliwal

pbc2007 said...

Why  to download new files if small size & low resolution is required?

All En IJC were posted till July 2009at net. To help small size lovers, we merged our posts. Which blogs decided to run independent, we respected and add their blogs in our blogroll.

Venkit is scanning for himself as he likes edit. Same all do, me too.
I have passion for sharing so he is giving me for posting only.

P.S. I had low resolution monitors (still I've,but using HR monitor) & slow internet speed. 
But, the day people will decide to download HR versions. These could be gone. There is no gurantee I or we'll fix always.

pbc2007 said...

Although it's poorest presentation of TOI (I think so), it's part of our beloved series. So, it's in my physical collection again.
 Through translitration such issues could be shared to all Bengali (or other languages) fans.Pls think about it.

pbc2007 said...

As I know, Venkit is still busy, but forgetting us only. So, my BIG Thanks to him for such supply rate.

venkitachalam subramanian said...

Since I was the scanner of most if not all of the recent Hi-Res IJCs in this blog, I would not like to put Prabhat in a spot.

I am selfish and I am scanning these comics so that I have them in the optimum level possible. I plan to give off my physical comics to deserving friends who may be able to take care of them with the same love and affection I showered on them. I have already given off more than 200 of my physical comics. The friends who have them now should be able to attest to the condition of those comics, most of which were more than 40 years old.  

I had done a round of scanning back in 2007-2009, when our primary aim was to get all 803 IJCs online. I used to scan some comics at 150 dpi and others at 200 dpi. But now technologies have undergone dramatic changes. Large size monitors are cheap. External/portable HDDs are almost dime a dozen. 

Those old scans do not look so great on these new monitors. So I have started this round of scanning of all my physical comics atjohnny   dpi, which comes to nearly 100 MB size.

Prabhat usually tries to put out LR version also, but of late we have seen that it is not worth going thru all that work for a couple of people. The people who want a LR version can search this blog for an older scan from 2007-2009 and they may be able to get a LR scan. Altenatively, they could download this HR scan and then using any photo editing software resize the pictures to their liking.

Like I said, I am scanning for my archives. So I scan as per my specifications. Since the scans are there and a lot of people want them to go back to their childhood days, I am sharing them. It takes nearly 3 to 4 hours per IJC to finish scanning and editing. So I do not intend to change any parameters.

Sorry if my reply seems abrasive.
But thanks for the good words.

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