३०६ (१९७८) बहादुर और आफत के परकाले

Posting this Hindi IJC for "Rakesh" who helped me a lot, fixing lot of dead links. Thanks Rakesh!

Script: Aabid Surti
Artist: Govind Brahmaniya
Cover Artist: Govind Brahmaniya

Download file (1600px width)

Very thankful to Anurag Dixit who has scanned & edited this Indrajal quicky.


Rakesh said...

Many Thanks to Prabhat and Anurag. This is all time BEST!!! You made my day!!
This is best of best IJC. You took me to many many years down memory lane.
Once again, Thank You! You win my heart!

Maheshinder Dhaliwal said...

Thanks for reply brother.  This issue that you scan looks cool. This one is perfect because it has full edges like original no matter it damaged from one side. I have around 600 Hindi Inderjal comics in Mint condition till Inderjal comics discontinued  including this issue but scanning of comics is very time consuming. I appreciate your hard work. If I will have a time I will also scan some for you. Can I submit them at your site?  

pbc2007 said...

Wished to post with Eng, but couldn't scan. Eng will be posted soon.

It's very plesant moment for me that you are happy.

I was unable to fix links since long. In very short time, you gave links.

In past many fans & freinds  needed many links, always I could up quickly. When my hard disk was crashed, I was waiting since long. I had recovered almost all data using some softwares.

pbc2007 said...

I strongly believe - what is shared with clean heart - is best, no matter that version matches with my parameters or not. 

It's scanning
style of Anurag bhai.


Well, if you are
interested in sharing, there are several ways.

1. Send me scans
uploading at file hosting server. All have own scanning style, we'll not
comment at yours (it's possible that other likes different type).  Those will be posted as you provided (i.e
scanned & edited). 

2. If you are
interested in posting yourself -

a. can opt like me
& I unknown - we post Indrajal here only.

b. can opt like
walker etc - posting at own blog & same day posting here. It's important as
late comers will not confuse.


But pls note: As
it's collective blog, that's why we have some rules to keep environment
healthy. Can forward those rules at your e-mail.


Well aware about
scanning time. All depends upon the scanner's & the computer's properties.


Just scan one page
at 5 resolutions (72,150, 200,300,600)  & convert to one resolution (e.g
300 dpi).

Now check all 5
versions at above 1280 px width monitor. 

You'll see best
result (quality & size) which were scanned at 600dpi but reduced to 300


But the scanning
at 600 dpi takes much time. There are some scanners which scans 600dpi with
good speed, but those are 300 usd and above range today. That's why, mostly
people use 50-150 usd range scanners which scans at good speed 300 dpi.


I had tested scans
above 2000 px width screens (big size monitors). Scanned at 300DPI, but either
without manipulations or using GOOD software like photoshop (which are
relatively complicated) gives nice results.


Personally I like
2 types:

1. fully cleaned
pages, removed all dirty spots, balanced colours, fixed damaged panels &
texts; and uniform boarder area (but not as book).

2. scanned and
without manipulation (just cropped outside page area) - this type is good for
enjoying vintage look.



You will see after
some months, your prior edited version could be better as you'll learn more
steps. There will be no need of rescanning.


Rakesh said...

Thanks Prabhat. Your hard work is recognized already and we all know now that you have a big heart too. Thanks so much,

Rakesh said...

Prabhat: Thanks again.

Here is the link to Eng version (SR).

pbc2007 said...

This verson's link is fine. :)
 I had fixed link with help of links given by you last month.http://indrajal-online.blogspot.com/2008/01/306-double-trap.html

Rakesh said...

Thanks Maheshinder. Please make your hard copies eternal by scanning them.
Hindi IJCs are needed as there are not many out there. There are only 129 posted. I will bunch of hindi IJCs soon. I will so the same.
Prabhat and others contributers have done an amazing work. Its high time we help out as much as we can.
Again, thank so much for your initiatives. Much appreciated.

yahoo-24SHG277JE2PVMJBEX4ZTDYCLY on 10 October 2011 at 03:26 said...

Thank you bro for sharing this precious gem

Maheshinder Dhaliwal said...

Thank you for nice suggestion brother I will let you know after scan some comics

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