"The Crucial Moment - My 1250 days of IJC blogging"

Today is 1250th day of my Indrajal blogging. It's 666th post of this blog.

In this little affort,

  • 108 000 000 seconds
  • 1 800 000 minutes
  • 30 000 hours
  • 1250 days
  • 178+ weeks
  • 41+ months
  • 3 years, 5 months & 2 days
have been passed.

My 1st IJC post (Wednesday, 14 May 2008) came at bookscomics.blogspot.com as 13th post (one of my lucky number). It contains 22 Indrajal + 1 Rip Kirby comics scanned by Aznaabi.

We launched this MEGA Indrajal blog last year & set some goals.

One of those is sharing all 803 IJCs here, but respecting the time & the energy given by all persons involved. 

 The members are doing what they can & when the time permits. Without waiting comments, I'm posting new scans (provided by contributors) with my usual speed.

But still some numbers are missing.

Till today
- Posted hundreds: It's not secret, average time given in making post & uploading – it’s approx scanning an issue.
- Cleaned lot of issues: Who ever tried cleaning, can understand very well that it takes much more time than scanning.
- Fixed lot of damaged issues: It takes much more time than scanning & cleaning.

“The crucial moment” - What to do for reaching min goal? Starting scanning? Why not?

Starting with English version of the very 1st Indrajal I ever read. Very special attachment with this issue.

In future in scanning, I’ll concentrate at missing HR IJCs numbers of this blog only.  In this India visit, I’ll pick in good quantity English & Hindi IJCs which are not planned by other team members/contributors. Till that, some English numbers will be scanned.

Two words about this number: This number contains two strips by Lee Falk:
D-133: The Proposal (21 Feb 1977 - 2 Apr 1977)
Artist: Sy Barry

S-026: The Mysterious Passenger (14 May 1950 - 16 Jul 1950)
Artist: Wilson McCoy
Note: S-026 was printed in #17 as 1st story.

Download NEW HR C2C scans (2200px width) 
Many like original scans. I had looked at many cleaned version by me. Feel, there was no need of touching many issues (which were in good condition). If the majority will like this version, in most of cases I'll scan & edit this way. Saved time will be given to fix damaged issues.
Vintage look
Cleaned Version
Sharing mine style cleaned version also. 

Download free and enjoy!  
Let others know where they can get free.


Col Worobu said...


Congrats on the 1250th day of your Indrajal blogging! 666 & 13 are your lucky numbers? Spooky :)

Col Worobu said...

The mediafire link for the cleaned version does not work.

venkitachalam subramanian said...

Congrats on your 1250th day of IJC blogging. I still remember those heady days of 2005-2007, when all of us strove and won the battle to get all 803 IJC comics online and free for all fans to enjoy. We are now in the second phase of getting the HQ versions of all those comics online.My only sorrow is that the unity of efforts which was there in the first round is lacking in this round.

Unlike that person who posted on Raj's blog (about his mother's untimely passing away), asking about comics for sale, I do not want to usurp your moment of glory with any sob stories.

I have always cherished my relationship with you all these years without once meeting you. Now that you have started scanning, it will make the journey towards HQ versions of IJC ever smoother.

All the best.

pbc2007 said...

Sorry! Some extra letters were added. Fixed.

Phantom Head said...

Congratulations on achieving yet another milestone. Great journey Prabhat.

pbc2007 said...

Yes, these are. :)


The final results
with combination of 13 or 666 are always fantastic for me.


There are some
more single, double & trible digits. I started analyzing since last year only. Noted whenever 13 (& some
certain combination) come, the results are always better. 


Here are some

In engineering my
group number was 13.
I born in 1969, it's last digits are variation of 666.

The first time I
returned India from aboard - on 13th July...

Just one year ago
took another tel, the number offered had last two digits 13.

My boss's internal
tel's last two digits are also 13.

Without any plan
posted 1st time IJC on 13.

I was going to
post this IJC on 2 Oct. Due to lack of time, couldn't. Just decided to check
days of my IJC posting and this date also fallen after 13 days. :)

13 months ago
bought some shares, on 13th Oct came to know it jumped 13times. I was expecting
3 times only.  :)


I was going to post some more scans before this post. At a sudden I had to go at tour,
so some more Venkit’s scans couldn’t upload at mediafire. Just befre posting noted that it's 666th post of this blog.:)

Have some better examples of 666 than 13, I'll not give. Otherwise many might afraid. ;)

pbc2007 said...

Thanks! I had joined
this league to support efforts of you all senior bloggers. Wished to fulfill
some gapes only. 
In fact, I wished saying goodbye to comics blogging in 50 or 100 or max 200
posts in total.  But…

Rafiq Raja on 15 October 2011 at 23:07 said...

Congrats Prabhat Bhai, for completing another milestone, in your Comics blog sharing. It takes significant time out of our busy day-to-day life, and to keep it this long, goes to show your passion towards our unique hobby. Thanks for all the friends who have helped us to build a healthy and happy community.

Miles to go b4 we sleep, so let's enjoy the journey, like ever :) 

HojO said...

Congrats,friend!! It's kinda funny to hear this IS 666th post,allthough being myself a numerology beliver & follower,I do understand these things(lucky/unlucky #s) a bit!That is much better than fortune tellers! :)

pbc2007 said...

Thanks brother! 

One day we'll certainly reach. :)

pbc2007 said...

I don't have unlucky numbers, but have some lucky. Many afraid of 13 & 666, but both always favoured me.

pbc2007 said...


I like your
approach. You say, "You are scanning for yourself". However, you are sharing
in huge quantity.

In fact, I feel that the
environment in 2nd round is friendlier. Some new persons have
started scanning & posting. Some more are going to start.

About comics’ sale request by someone at Raj’s blog about her late mother: It’s
ultimate cheapness.  (:

This environment
could be better, agreeing with you.

But, it’s possible
if people will have one policy, not dual standards.

Not like that, scanning
for all but doing favor to me only.

Not like that, if
they do it takes time, others do, it doesn't.

How to work with DUAL standard guys? When a person's scans were
posted by other blogger, was weeping about being stolen. Before that incident, even
after that he was saying – why asking all? Take and post all 803 at your blog. What a concept?

So, all that glitter is not gold. :)
We can't change world. If Budhha & Jesus failed, we are ......

comic guy said...

Congrats Prabhat on this herculean task.Hoping to see much more from you in future.

aJAY said...

I normally do not comment on this blog but found recently at one blog the following matters in foot note .

No idea if author of that blog has got some problem , no idea how the comics fan appreciate the personal attack on some one .

In case comics lovers go thru all IJCS blogs , early 90 % were my scans only . Most of persons to whom I sent on DVDS , they posted by comics only - let be CW , ICC< Anupam , Sameer , TCP , Qasim etc where u can find all our scans posted by us in PDF forms ( regular visitor at comic world only ) .

Any person who thinks I stolen scans of  his scans, just let me know .

No idea what about remixing , claiming as his own .who else scanned comics , scanners quite limited in numbers , everybody his own style of scanning .

I do not fear any opposition from anybody, let me be alone .

But strongly oppose this type of comments or tag lines , supporting author of this blog .

No idea if it is a proper time to register protest or not but I personally all persons who support this blog owner of this type of his action .

We just share comics , not more than that , only scans only, original remains with owner etc.

Regarding blacking marketing of comics , who any time opposed to purchase at Rs300 , took themselves for Rs2000- 5000 per comics directly from shopkeeper .

So no idea what you mean by black marketing of comics . Has somebody any idea at what rate FREW old comics are sold , GOLD Key , Delll etc in international market.

Some persons  who are authors of this blog are themselves selling IJCs at very high cost as well so many persons from Kolkata  our scans on DVDS .

Do whatever you can do with these persons , these are simply brothers of blog owner so nothing happens to them .

Blog is "Indrajal comics countdown continues "

Be Aware!
As well as you'll find contribution of Ajay Misra - according to him those were own. Now, I'm not sure that those are his completely or partially scanned comics as myself caught him red hand in remixing and claiming as own scans with & without photoshop manipulations, as well as sufficient proof received about being involved in OLD Comics Black Marketing.Do you wish to get comics bought from Raddiwala at rate of "tea in five star hotel" (from his words) ? Decide yourself.
Read more: http://ijc-by-munnabhai.blogspot.com/#ixzz1av5Kehc0

Rakesh said...

Prabhat, My Friend...a great milestone achieved. Congratulations! Great work done for the IJC fans community. Many Thanks!!

Rakesh said...

Can some one help decode this comment by aJAY and summarize please? I could not get ABC out of it... :)
Is it a complaint, comment, Caution..or a mix of all or what?

Rakesh said...

aJAY: For the benefit of "For Those Who Came In Late" i.e me, Can you please summarize in few simple english sentences..the meaning of your post? Thanks,

pbc2007 said...

Thanks! I'll try my best.

pbc2007 said...

I'm also waiting. :)

pbc2007 said...


A long journey

Hoping some more
fans will carry on as individual or team.

It's good for fans
some new bloggers are active. We are happy being part of this journey.

Scanning all or
posting all IJC is not going to give gold medal.  :)

We are not doing
favour to anyone, just trying to make immortal our beloved series. Not directly
or indirectly making money, in the name of help. :)

Rakesh said...

Thank You and to other authors/contributers for selfless service to IJC community. Highly appreciated and respected.

Ajay said...

Rakesh: These words are used as tag line on some blog run by somebody 
Matter is here :  Be Aware!As well as you'll find contribution of Ajay Misra - according to him those were own. Now, I'm not sure that those are his completely or partially scanned comics as myself caught him red hand in remixing and claiming as own scans with & without photoshop manipulations, as well as sufficient proof received about being involved in OLD Comics Black Marketing.Do you wish to get comics bought from Raddiwala at rate of "tea in five star hotel" (from his words) ? Decide yourself.Read more: http://ijc-by-munnabhai.blogsp...
 show lessCan you understand by these words , if not , no idea who can explain to you .If you find some problem still in understanding , take help from somebody . It is clearly attack on me , why ?Is it real blogging , like somebody from Kolkata wrote non sense about Venkit , then wrote full non sense article on Abhishek , looks totally  non sense . Blogs are just becoming personal property of someone's .No idea how mega blog  is this but just came to know most of so called members are avoiding due to his nature only , there is no need to put any clarification, scans by other members excepting  Venkit , there is almost no body to support , frequency of post since I left this blog , you can easily check posts . Verbal support has got no meaning at all .Even ICC sent to this blog #166 which was happily posted on this blog only , which were my scans only , ICC told me clearly, he did some cropping So dear Rakesh , have no idea at all about you go thru entire blog run by this blog owner , you can find out whose scans are these including any IJC comics blog run since startting . Before scans were posted , so many persons had these on DVDs so most of persons know my scans very well .Hope it is clear enough .Regarding making money in the name of help , it totally depends upon someone's understanding . Ungrateful even do not understand the value of their parents who brought them into this world  so what to understand the value of help from anybody .Still date whenever I took some comics for so many persons , I got 100 of thanks from them , heartfelt ones, . there are at more than 100 persons to whom I helped , they understand the value of any so called Help from cheapies  The cheap type  type of persons have only cheap mentality only . These cheap type of persons only raise issue only after getting comics Any help to anybody is always viewed as only for profit motive only , shame upon such persons & their understanding 

pbc2007 said...

Where are you? 
Explain yourself meaning of your words to Rakesh. :)
What you said? Is it wrong information about you?
If you are shameless person, why I shall care.
It’s collective blog, so I’ll not post details here.
Very soon I'll post answer of all your questions at “Indrajal Comics – countdown continue” with help of YOUR WORDS & DEEDS - PUBLICLY.
Let all read & decide - who are you. 
Or if have little shame, can apology about this comment and never try to mislead/misuse anyone.

Rakesh Kumar said...

Dear Friend,

If I understand correctly, your scans were being posted by someone else or some blogs and you see this as invasion on your ownership of content.
I came in vary late and my only intent to read the comics which otherwsie were not available.You have noted your contributions and I as a reader thank you for that.

For your compaint, Ajay, we live in internet age. Scanning does not make a product that can be locked with Copyright act or ownerships under DMR laws.If content is posted on free public sites, most likely it would get distributed freely/posted else where/modified ( not to reinvent the wheel).

While I have respect for you believing your words that you scanned most of IJCs, I would suggest that ownership part is still not clear to me. How are you going control it over internet and to defame guys who used PUBLIC content is not a right coice of words, I would say.
When we publish conent on internet, we give it out to the public. If they cite who first scanned it, fine. If not..no hard feelings ( this is not a research article that need to be cited). Scanning and publishing had no intention of OWNERSHIP in this FREE INTERNET world particularly the content belongs to Kings Features and not to the scanners. What Readers like me appreciate and respect you guys ( authors + contributers) is for your time and selfless intentions of bringing Comics to the fans like me.

Now, I have interacted via email few of the authors in this site and my impression that they are decent people. They are selfless persons and highly successful in their personal and prefessional lives. Publishing in this blog is not their profession rather they have a urge to help out readers and make IJCs (in particular) immortal.

Ajay, I recon that you are hurt that you think your scans are being distributed freely at other places, let me ask you this..wasn't your purpose being served and same as you making it available to the public and is there any way you can control it....
Also, I did not notice even a single Ad on this site and therfore I can say "This a'nt money making business here" & "There i'nt No cheap here"...pardon my american way of dissent.

One request: Please refrain from name calling. This does not help the cause and brings the blog's intelectual level down.
This is not who we are..this is not what we do and be recognized with. We all are highly prefessional people and do not belong to cheap comments. 

Aagin, we can have difference of opinion and that makes us individual. I just want to keep the discussion the civil way.

I would summarize as 
YOur comment over is not right: Little(?) under the belt.
Forum is not right: YOu can email those individuals you think you have problems with. Public venting does help the cause.
Timing is not right: In this post we are thanking Prabhat's achievement.
Claim is not right; This is my opinion on content ownership unless you tell me how to control it over the public internet.
Choice of words: we should be careful of the words we choose as it clearly depicts who we are. 

pbc2007 said...

Mr. Ajay: Hoping about COPYRIGHTS syndrome you got answer from a visitor (and future IJC community member). 
I was expecting your untimely song. That’s why mentioned about “time” about all steps of posting & time given – very first time in last several years – only for thick head like you. 
My approach from start till today same – thankful to ALL SELFLESS persons who he scanned/share/gave physical copies for scanning even a single page. Look at all IJC bloggers who started after me, always try saying thanks, even I can’t read some languages.  
Jealous about continuity of this blog?
In sidebar the number of posts by year is given. Even a child can count. You say that you are person with accountancy related education. Is it less? Although, I said last year I’m relatively busier than earlier. :)
What you said last year: I’LL SEE HOW XYZ (means contributors & bloggers) COULD CARRY. Venkit, according to your words, also falls among those. 
Pretending to be a supporter of him. OK. Go and ask Venkit & that person first what I said.  Then try putting a comment at topic, but don’t have a common sense. Otherwise didn't look as fool now.
You tried your best to involve me that time, but I kept silence just for not making situation worse as requested by some. Do you forget reply of Manish to you, you appreciated him also. But, you didn’t understood meaning of his words – something was written for you. Read again, if lost can forward. If required can post that part at “Count down continues” & explain  also.
Do you think, I don’t care about other’s efforts like you? :)
-No matter, you was abusing all bloggers (about not being fair about credits & their posting styles*) or contributors (you always said that others scans were bad**), in final post I had mentioned about efforts of all persons. Note: Never meet with anyone including you.
*While checking all blogs before merging I found- in almost all posts, all has mentioned your name, even if other’s scans were passed through you. Shall people make a temple and put idol of you?
** I see, you accepted scans from two “BAD SCANNING” persons (according to you) when your arranging capability failed. 

What about the remixed pages in IJC #1 & in anniversary post Frew comics pages? Did you mentioned about sources just same way as you expect from others about your COPYRIGHTS scans? You did after protesting against same topic. I gave you clear hints for not doing.

Still saying, you didn’t. Shame Ajay, shame. 

Oh, how you could feel shame. Even didn’t hesitate to post at own MINOR daughter’s blog two proposals about sale of Indrajal. What an example of parenthood & HELP. God save from such parents.

Leave talk about trading & parents, doesn’t suit from mouth of people like you. 

Will be continued…….



pbc2007 said...

I was busy last days. After your comment came to know that my mediafire account is suspended. Very sad, it was 4+ years old with 150 gb files.
Now a days unable to find time for posting, however I'll try to provide alternative links of IJC after few weeks/months. 

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