V21N04 - Gufa Daitya Ka Apaharan (Vetal) (1984)

Enjoy one more so far not shared version by TPH. It was ready since Aug-Sep 2011.
Indrajal Title: गुफा दैत्य का अपहरण
: खंड २१ संख्या ०४ 
Language: हिंदी 
Page: ३२ (c2c)
Cover: B. Govind
Publisher : The Times of India
Publishing Date: 1984-1-22 से 1984-1-28 
Strips: S-117 - The Missing Link Family (12 Sep 1982 - 16 Jan 1983)

Hero: वेताल
Script: ली फाक  
Art: साय बैरी
Scanned and edited by: TPH

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V21N53 link is replaced with a better (fixed pages) link. Please check.

In near future 4 more Hindi scans by TPH are coming. Those files were ready since 2012.


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