15 (1965) The Unknown Commander

One more LONG AWAITED C2C IJC in High resolution

It's  IJC version of S038 - The Master Spy (13 Jun 1954 - 10 Oct 1954)
Script: Lee Falk
Art: Wilson McCoy

Summary: Dr. Heg, in reality a foreign power spy, visits the Jungle Patrol to write a book about the organisation. The real goal is collecting maximum information about the Jungle Patrol , as well about the Unknown Commander, i.e. the Phantom.

Through various sources, the informations are collected  and  he can start playing havoc with the Jungle Patrol and the Phantom, who is facing lawlessness on all fronts in the jungle unless the situation can be brought under control fast...

Scanned & edited by ICC. All thanks & credits go to him.

Download C2C file  (Vintage look)


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