328 (1979) The Tale of Devil Part 2

Update: About the head of the organisation '8', the creating team had hinted us first time in D-168
The last panel of D-168 (IJC Version)
Lee Falk & Fred Fredericks are saying clearlly: The boss of 8 is "Lucifar" aka "Cobra" only.

Here is the concluding part of IJC version of

S-30: Tale of Devil (11 Nov 1951 - 23 Mar 1952) by Lee Falk/ Wilson McCoy


D-168: 8 (1 Aug 1977 - 10 Dec 1977) Lee Falk/Fred Fredericks

Download  NEW C2C HR file

Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go to him. 


venkitachalam subramanian said...

Look at the last panel in the Mandrake comic and see the shadow of Octon as he berates Mandrake. Looks familiar doesn't he?

pbc2007 said...

You are true. Checked sites, blogs & forums - none has noted. 

venkitachalam subramanian said...

Actually I had answered a post by Mahasthobir, when he raised the question in Sagnik's blog about 10 days ago.

pbc2007 said...

Oh, I see!
 I like Mandrake, however never tried reading/digging about the backgrounds before your comment.Today, found the same information here: http://pjb.hopto.org/index.php?id=13&xr=82

milit said...

links dead pl reload

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