166 (1972) The Amazing Island

This IJC contains two comics:
  • S-079: The Dolphins (5 Apr 1970 - 14 Jun 1970) by Lee Falk/Sr Barry
  • from C39 (Sep 1972): The Silent Thieves by Joe Gill/Pat Boyette

Download 1300px width C2C file  

This version is contributed by ICC. All thanks & credits go to him. 


KK said...

Thanks.. I think you have extra characters in the link.. once I removed the %20.. it started downloading...

pbc2007 said...

Sorry! Fixed it. By the way, keep downloading coming scans as these have limited life. ICC in mood for completing all missing pages, if version was OK. If not, he's scanning early IJCs, at present under 100.

Col Worobu said...

Thanks Prabhat & Chandu!
Any chance of getting a cleaned version where the bubbles are whitened :o)

pbc2007 said...

I like either Vintage look (without any touching or min. like this IJC) or fully cleaned (like new book).

Half cleaned is wastages of time only.  :o)

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