267- Bahadar - The Red brick House (01 Dec 1976)

Enjoy HR version of very 1st Bahadur comics with vintage look! 
The creator: Aabid Surti 
The illustrator: Govind Brahmania 

Scanned & edited by ICC. All thanks & credits go to him.


Mshahid Shahid786@gmail.com said...

Bahadur ki pehli  comics padne ka mazaa aa gaya.

pbc2007 said...

This IJC is very special for me too:
1. as 1st issue of Bahadur - a masterpiece work by two legends of Indian Comics (Aabid Surti ji & late Govind Brahmania ji).
2. A person was showing too much about his scans. In next few weeks I am receiving this physical copy in Russia, importing just for sharing. However, ICC made the task easier.

sagnik99 said...

First Bahadur was always special! This was always a land-marking story as at the ending,Bahadur decides to form CSF - that integral part of all future adventures! :)

pbc2007 said...

I'm waiting new print of Bahadur. Liked the new colouring.

Riju said...

How do I download this?

Dipak Jham said...

Please can you upload this again
I could not download previously

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