198 - Phantom-Jeevan Ya Mrityu (15th Jan.1974)

It's IJC reprinted version of Charlton #53.

 Script: Joe Gill
Artist: Pat Boyette

Download NEW HR C2C scans Mediafire Link (2000px width) Size 52 MB


pbc2007 said...

Thanks for wonderful scans! 
I found this Hindi Indrajal (without cover & not in condition) in 1982 at old book shop. For a long period, I was not aware that it was an Indrajal Comics. :)Still have with me that copy.

MiSD said...

I also purchased it from old books shop only problem with this is that it cover is pasted with glue and the part of first page and last page is inside glue area but I modified that area with photoshop  otherwise it is in good condition.

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