Hurrah! 700th English Indrajal of this blog: V20N40 (1983) Mongo's Rebel Warloads

This "13th post" of 2012 of this blog makes this number as "700th English Indrajal" of this blog. 
From rest 103, many are planned already.

It's not all: we'll post all English HR versions of available numbers by our friendly team & new selfless contributors/members also. Same about Hindi Indrajal.

As told before, I can open my own collection of physical comics also. So........
Just keep visting!
It's IJC version of D2-122 - "Knight of Mongo” (2/22/82 to 6/26/82).
Artist: Dan Barry

Download NEW HR C2C scans  (2000px width) - 82 MB

Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go to him. 


Jayant said...

What an achievement!

Very thankful to you and your contributors!

AngryBroomstick on 11 January 2012 at 21:53 said...

very nice blog. I have found it yesterday and now I have bookmarked it

pbc2007 said...

Gald to know!

pbc2007 said...

Happy to know! Means we didn't waste time. :)

Sridhar Seshagiri said...

Congrats Prabhat! Thanks very much to Venkit and you and all other contributors.

Pagloosndg said...

both files got deleted

pbc2007 said...

Fixed all links (Jan 2012 -till today).

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