V20N49 (1983) The Valley of the Living Dead

It's IJC version of S-21: The Haunted Castle (12 Sep 1948 - 13 Feb 1949).
It's a reprinted & recoloured version of IJC #19 (1965) Moogoo's Dolls.

Script: Lee Falk 
Artist: Moore/McCoy

Download NEW HR C2C scans  (2000px width) - 81 MB

Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go to him. 


venkitachalam subramanian said...

Some random and painful thoughts:

This New Year has not started off very well for the lovers of IJCs. The underlying skirmishes between erstwhile thick friends turned deadly adversaries burst forth into this blog with a malicious post by one Shailinder Chadha attacking me and Prabhat. I do not even know this person. So there is no way I could have provoked him to write such a note even trashing my name. I replied to that post replying to his charges against me, hoping that he would stop his "Maharishi Narada" work of igniting the feud between Prabhat and Ajay. But he returned back with yet another post, this time aimed solely against Prabhat.

I am extremely pained and disgusted to note that the feud between the two has degenerated to such a level that even family members are being dragged into it. It does not matter who first brought it up in this recent quarrel (unfortunately it was Ajay), but what matters is how these guys bring it to an end, without putting the rest of us through this torture.

Ajay mentions that he is not and  does not know this Chadha person and I would like to take him at his word. But he is indeed guilty of posting inappropriate comments at an inappropriate time like the one he posted in this same blog, a few weeks ago when Prabhat celebrated his 1250th post. He also posted some comments in a couple of other blogs mentioning my name and some others, maybe as a means of strengthening his ideas and comments. I had to post some rebukes to dissasociate myself from any of those comments, so that they did not lend any credence to thoughts that he may have had my tacit approval for those comments.

Let me make this very clear once and for all - I am not a friend of either Ajay or Prabhat. I am just an acquaintance of both of them as I have been with any of the other scanners and bloggers involved. And I am least interested in knowing the cause of or reason for their feud. Neither am I interested in stoking the embers in their quarrels nor playing arbitrator. Both of them are "adults" and they should be aware of how they behave in public, as their comments are being read by hundreds of people (if not thousands) all over the world.

I would request other visitors to the blog to maintain decency and not post any stupid comments that they feel is going to make them great in the eyes of either of these adversaries and add to the feud between these two and/or other bloggers. There are too many squabbles happening, to even list over here. 

We come here and to other blogs to enjoy the posted comics. We are not here to quarrel among ourselves and be the laughing stock of readers across the globe. Unless there is a Nobel prize for the person scanning and posting Comic strips, I am least interested in who has the most number of comics or who scans and posts the most number of comics. Enjoyment should not transform to torture, which is what it has become recently, I should sadly say.

I am ending this with an appeal that wiser heads will prevail. How I wish we could go back to those days of dueling or the Samurai or the Chekavas, when quarrels could be decided immediately, and too by the quarreling parties or their hired goons only.

Rafiq Raja on 10 January 2012 at 14:49 said...

It saddens to see that two acquaintances of mine, like Prabhat and Ajay, are locked on this eternal hate threads. It's time we put the past back, for the sheer joy of sharing, for which we all have gathered here.  Let there be peace, Please ! And to anyone, who tries to join the bashing, by taking sides, and abuses, remember... you have a life to live too, make it count.

pbc2007 said...

Rafiq bhai, none will jump into. Everytime he provocated, some entered and main topic diverted. His ghisi piti ranjniti is failed.

Without him and his unasked advices, we are living much better. 
It's most painful moments for me - I've to react. Was hoping those days are gone.
Let he shut mouth, this ghost's name will not back at this blog.
But, for his deeds - he'll pay. Sorry, he lost his chances.

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