V20N24 (1983) The Invincible Ghost

It's IJC version of  S-116: The Terrorists (18 Apr 1982 - 5 Sep 1982).
Script: Lee Falk 
Artist: Seymour Barry 

Download NEW HR C2C scans  (2000px width) - 83 MB

Scanned & edited by Venkitachalam Subramanian. All thanks & credits go to him. 


Shailinder Chadha said...

Parbhat singh    do
you know why you are so jealous of Mr Ajay Mishra because you have only
inderjal comics in hand to post and at the other hand Ajay Sir has plenty of
other comics of different publishers to post.

Ajay Sir is a big mountain of this comics blog world  and you are only a small hill. This bitter
truth irritates you a lot  parbhat !

I advice you to Just follow his footsteps and you will learn
a lot

Next inderjal please hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
hi hi hi hi hi  

Phlogiston2010 said...

Gentlemen, every does their own little bit as best they can. cool guys it's only comics.

pbc2007 said...

You can follow to your Icon mountain, two stone heads are good pair. ;)

By the way, I see who you are - write hindi, you write well. :)We are posting INDRAJAL here, you read INDERJAL and for it you have to come here. ;)

pbc2007 said...

Some are not happy with our regular flow at this blog. 
That's all.

Many more are in pipeline. Keep visiting!

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